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Terry Perham

Dunedin, ot - New Zealand








Terry Perham

Dunedin, ot - New Zealand

Terry Perham - Fine Artist

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About Terry Perham

I thought nof leaving a book of my lifes work. I could call it, From unknown to virtualy unknown. The paintings of a self taught New Zealand amatuer. I say amateur, not as a description of the quality of my work, or that I havn't woken each day just bursting to paint. but because I have not handled the buiseness side of things like a buisiness man. Anyway, a book to leave a record of my passion. My journey with my art. My quest to understand what I was seeing and the emotions felt. To develop the techniques I needed, to make a painting. Now unfortunatly for me, liver cancer will cut my journey short. Chemotheraphy started on the 29th november 2012. completed 18th june 2013. this has given me more time. How much? I dont know. Each day now a bonus. I still feel rather well. I would love to paint again in my countrys high mountain areas, though I suspect my best work is now behind me. Perhaps brain cells dieing off with age.This FAA site was loaded with some of the about 2,000 works in storage from the mid 1970s through to the present. I have just been advised that my FAA memberaship has been downgraded from pemium to basic membership. This is good, as now I have had to pick 25 works from my original FAA gallerys. My choice has been made by the amount of FAA visitor views on each work plus a few personal favourites The doing has always been more important to me than the selling. My reward has been the satisfaction in the creation of a good painting. I have always tried to learn from each finished work, successful or not. My type of painting requires learning to understand what I see. That has always been my goal, and a continual learning experience. My thanks to all the fellow artist friends on FAA who have helped me with positive feedback. This I value, especialy from fellow artists. It gives me strength when sales are so rare. Perhaps I have wasted my life, but as an artist, I felt that I had no other choice. It has been such a rich life experience, but with sacrifices. Would I do it all again. Of course! but probably with a buisiness manager. I guess I'm a slow learner. Thanks for reading my story. Terry Perham, b. Bleneim New Zealand. 1941- hoping to make 2014.

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Spit And Hurri by Terry Perham


British Warbirds by Terry Perham


Clip Wing Spitfire by Terry Perham


Impression Lupins Cascade Creek by Terry Perham


Te Rau Tau Lyttleton NZ by Terry Perham


View Downstream Lower Holyford by Terry Perham


Coast Tunnel Beach by Terry Perham


Daybreak Riverton by Terry Perham


Summer Leith Stream by Terry Perham


Autumn Bush Creek Track by Terry Perham


Breaker by Terry Perham


Plein Air Winter Trunks by Terry Perham


Sunday On Avon by Terry Perham


Winching in. Days end by Terry Perham


Late light Egglinton valley by Terry Perham


Saturday Market by Terry Perham


Daybreak Porpoise bay by Terry Perham


Against the light Lyttleton harbour by Terry Perham


Moss by Terry Perham


Wieghing The Catch Graymouth by Terry Perham


Nox And Chaos by Terry Perham


Green And Red On Silver by Terry Perham


Solitude Cannibal Bay by Terry Perham


Paua with scent bottle. by Terry Perham


Paua and butterfly vase by Terry Perham


A Dying Rose by Terry Perham


Monuments to former times. by Terry Perham


Cherries In A German Dish by Terry Perham


Auckland Rugby by Terry Perham


After The Race by Terry Perham


Autumn On Avon NZ. by Terry Perham


Morraine Ck. Fiordland NZ. by Terry Perham


Riverton Nz. by Terry Perham


Pony by Terry Perham


Walter Peak Queenstown NZ by Terry Perham


Dalefield. Queenstown NZ. by Terry Perham


Otara Market. Auckland NZ. by Terry Perham


Monets Pond. Whitechapple by Terry Perham


Avon Christchurch NZ. by Terry Perham


Skippers Autumn by Terry Perham


Lyttleton NZ by Terry Perham


Red Hot Pokers by Terry Perham


Triangle Peaks by Terry Perham


Auckland Rugby by Terry Perham


Yesteryear Catlins 1980s by Terry Perham


Rat Damage by Terry Perham


A Coramandel Stream by Terry Perham


Late Light Westland by Terry Perham

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