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Thelma Harcum

Willingboro, NJ - United States

Thelma Harcum - Fine Artist

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About Thelma Harcum

Update: Check my Press Release of my children's art/coloring book 'Sparkle' release.
Most all of the drawings are on FAA and so you can purchase and view the images individually.
To purchase book:

Check article or products promotion.

Being an artiist started with me needing a picture of a cat for the cover of a children's short story I wrote.
I couldn't draw even a straight line. I first brought a book on how to draw cats which really sparked my interest. This was in year 2000.
I decided to take a watercolor class at the Perkins Performing Arts School in Moorestown, NJ and with my interest in the story of Van Gogh,
it really sparked my interest in art.

I took 2 watercolor classes consecutively. One 8 week class with the late Alice Steer Wilson and with Robert Sakson. They were some of the best teachers ever! Both renowned in their own right as great artist and members of the watercolor society.
Also being a musician, I manage to distribute my time with creating compositions of music that can be found at cd baby-'Love Songs Explosion' and 'Let's Dance'.
Music of Thelma Harcum
I studied piano jazz techniques at Temple University with the late Curtis Harmon. He indeed was a wonderful instructor. I also studied piano at the Settlement school for 3 years and 3 years basic piano with Veronica Tapsony.

My recent study of the color wheel and new art medium, acrylic, is with art instructor and art associate, Don Stephens. For some reason, I never understood the color wheel and never had the time to advance in the study of it. Though I'm still learning more about colors and painting, I manage to get asked to exhibit my art and sell them online in various markets including my own art blog. Art Mediums

It is exciting to express this creative side of me as I have also been a nurse for most of my life.
One of my first landscape watercolor painting is in the International Encyclopedia of Modern and Contemporary Art called, 'Aunt Helen's Farm'.

I have done lots of fun things with art such as painting for up-and-coming art exhibits, workshops in my front yard, and church outdoor festivals.
One good thing about being an artist is you don't ever need to buy a note card and you can give prints to friends and relatives as gifts.

If you are a person who like myself, didn't think could draw, well I am testimony that you can.
You can make your life what you want and find joy in knowing many aspects of who you are.

As for an update: I have my own website that links to my art here at Fine Art America.
I love this site so much and I hope more will join this company to expose your work.
Here is the link:

10-30-12 New update: I have some product items on my
Tote bags, key chains, necklace, plates, candy jar, etc. It is a Print On Demand Company like FAA and a great place to license your art on products people use every day.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you come and visit again for more art updates and
articles on my blog.
Thelma Harcum


Again, my Music Link to my 2 albums cds and mp3 uploads are

You can find my music on itunes and amazon as well as

A special promotion (read my blog) is occurring to aide in the Storm Sandy relief. as of November 2012
You will get a free copy of one of my albums with a purchase of my art over the $15.00 price. Email me and let me know you purchase an art image.

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Tilted Pumpkin by Thelma Harcum


3 Geese Swimming at Silver Lake by Thelma Harcum


My Name Nia by Nia Holden


Red Roses in Vase by Thelma Harcum


Red Carnations in Vase by Thelma Harcum


A Day At The Beach by Thelma Harcum


Gospel Singer by Thelma Harcum


Red Tree Berries by Thelma Harcum


Veggies by Thelma Harcum


Red Rose Bush On The Hilltop by Thelma Harcum


Double View/ Flowers Against the Boulder by Thelma Harcum


Flowers in Nature by Thelma Harcum


Beautiful Violet and Purple Flowers in Large Planter by Thelma Harcum


SunFlowers Parade by Thelma Harcum


Ceramic Metal Asian Angel Figurine-Candle Holder by Thelma Harcum


Asian Angel Figurine Candle Holder by Thelma Harcum


Ceramic Metal Asian Angel Figurine-Candle Holder by Thelma Harcum


Abstract Art Hearts by Thelma Harcum


Boating in the Canal by Thelma Harcum


Park Along Washington Crossing by Thelma Harcum


Peruvian Doll by Thelma Harcum


Art Fab Abstract by Nia Holden


You Are So Very Special by Thelma Harcum


I Love You With All My Heart by Thelma Harcum


Hearts Wishes by Thelma Harcum


Boys World 2 by Thelma Harcum


Tree Stumps in Field by Thelma Harcum


Farm in New Jersey by Thelma Harcum


Girl's World Drawing Raw Sketch by Thelma Harcum


It's Happy Day by Thelma Harcum


One Big Happy Family by Thelma Harcum


Holiday wreath by Thelma Harcum


Hat and Scarf Designs by Thelma Harcum


Happy Faces in A Bowl Fantasy by Thelma Harcum


Tea Pot cup and Fruit drawings by Thelma Harcum


Hot Air Balloons by Thelma Harcum


Swimming Geese Lake Drawing by Thelma Harcum


Table Fruit drawing by Thelma Harcum


Sunflowers drawing by Thelma Harcum


Decorative Blubs in Bowl by Thelma Harcum


Sheep Gather Near Fence by Thelma Harcum


Beautiful Sheep Near Barn by Thelma Harcum


Billie Holiday by Thelma Harcum


Raining Hearts Abstract Painting by Thelma Harcum


Raining Hearts Abstract Drawing by Thelma Harcum


Birds In Winter by Thelma Harcum


Garden Flowers by Thelma Harcum


Garden Flowers Mixed Colors by Thelma Harcum

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