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Thomas Darnell

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Thomas Darnell

Ste. Valiere - France

Thomas Darnell - Fine Artist

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About Thomas Darnell

Ever since childhood I have been inspired to create art. Over 22 years ago I made the decision to quit my 'day job' and pursue my 'passion' which was to become a full time painter. At 34, leaving behind a secure life in Texas, I jumped into the unknown: the south of France. Feeling somewhat panic-stricken and some would say 'delusional,' I also felt that if I did not do it then, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Luckily I have had great support, understanding and encouragement from my wife and children, and so far, we have pulled it off.

My work is inspired by a need to find order and meaning in this beautiful disorder we call life. I choose imagery that makes me feel centered and calm, changing from very technique-oriented, representational work to more meditative abstract painting because the variety keeps both fresh. What remains consistent in all my work though is the light. It represents energy, spirit and forces we do not see but feel are there all the same: emotions, sounds, thoughts, gravity, vibrations.

The illusion of spatial dimension and light is achieved through a technique involving multiple layers of transparent oil paint and alkyd resin. Starting with blurry images I refine detail and contrast with each pass and often 'erase' some of the image with a thin wash of paint and go back to refining the details until the right balance is achieved.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me using the information below.

Thomas Darnell, Sainte Valiere, France 11120
Telephone: +33 4 68 46 12 70 or +33 6 64 28 42 47

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Ta by Thomas Darnell



Peonies 92 x 153 cm by Thomas Darnell


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Peonies VI-61 x 152cm by Thomas Darnell


Mel's Peonies 61 x 122cm by Thomas Darnell


Peonies 130 x 120cm by Thomas Darnell


Peonies 160 x 220 cm by Thomas Darnell


Bouquet of Peonies by Thomas Darnell


White Roses 130 x 194 cm by Thomas Darnell


Peonies 2014 146 x 85cm by Thomas Darnell


Peonies Classical 114 x 195cm by Thomas Darnell


Poppies by Thomas Darnell


Sunflower Profile by Thomas Darnell


White Cream Roses by Thomas Darnell


Horizontal peonies by Thomas Darnell


Swirly Sky by Thomas Darnell


Cypress Break by Thomas Darnell


Starlings by Thomas Darnell


Argens Parasol Pines by Thomas Darnell


Olive Trees by Thomas Darnell


Turo Park Tree by Thomas Darnell


Canal Reflection by Thomas Darnell


Max Flowers by Thomas Darnell


Mer by Thomas Darnell


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