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Tim Scullion

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Tim Scullion

Williamsburg, VA - United States

Tim Scullion - Fine Artist

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About Tim Scullion

Photography has grown into an artistic passion and outlet. I love to travel, particularly to the Southwest, and that fits in nicely with a desire to record spectacular scenery. My home state of Virginia has a lot to offer, with its many rivers, hundreds of miles of coastline, wildlife, as well as its archeological and historical significance. Out of hundreds of photographers from all over the country I was one of only two chosen by the University of Virginia to have a photo-essay and bio published in its book 'Hard Times Companion'. I have also been asked to take photos to promote a documentary film about the mistreatment of the Tibetan people by the Chinese government.

I cannot mention one creative outlet without the other, because often they go hand-in-hand: I am a musician, and my pictures have been an inspiration for a lot of the music that Iíve written. I am currently writing the music to a documentary film on the plight of the Tibetan people. What a lot of people do not realize is that the Chinese government takes homes and property from the Tibetans and gives it to Chinese 'settlers'. The Chinese Army destroys Buddhist temples, buries nuclear waste near Tibetan towns and villages, shoots Tibetan livestock and worst of all kills and tortures Tibetans. It's a systematic destruction of a culture and genocide of a people. Hopefully the documentary and the soundtrack will raise the world's awareness of this travesty.
For a few samples of my music go to:


My second CD, 'Powhatan Renaissance', soon to be released on iTunes and Amazon, has a Native American influence and is dedicated to my friends on the Mattaponi Reservation. ALL PROCEEDS from this CD will go to benefit the health clinics and housing needs of the tribes of the Powhatan Nation.

A little background on me:

I have a masterís degree in education (Bachelorís and Masterís both from the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA). In addition to photography, I teach guitar and I have written a guitar method book for learning the modal scales, available on Amazon:


I have dabbled in just about every genre of music, but I decided that most of the music I had been playing was not challenging or musically where I wanted to be, so I created my own genre of music: Ambient-Metal.

Elliott Randall (guitarist for Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers; studio guitarist extraordinaire, solo artist) wrote that Ambient-Metal is ďabsolutely beautifulĒ; a compliment that was unsolicited albeit greatly appreciated considering that his playing is one of my early influences as I developed as a guitarist. Stay tuned for the film/CD on Tibet!!

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If George Lucas Made a Cloud . . . by Tim Scullion


Cloud to Cloud Lightning by Tim Scullion


La derniere lumiere du jour by Tim Scullion


Strike Three . . . and Four by Tim Scullion


Electric Church by Tim Scullion


Sandstone Palace by Tim Scullion


Lumiere de la fin de la journee by Tim Scullion


Transformation by Tim Scullion


Cover Image for my New Book by Tim Scullion


It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This by Tim Scullion


Misty Morning Moon and Cotton Candy Cloud by Tim Scullion


Post-Monet Impression of Fall by Tim Scullion


Arbre de feu by Tim Scullion


Between Shadow and Light by Tim Scullion


Rayons d'orange by Tim Scullion


Cold Creek Cathedral by Tim Scullion


The Lone Cyprus by Tim Scullion


Plein d'orange by Tim Scullion


Return of Fall Colors by Tim Scullion


The Lightning Tree by Tim Scullion


White-Hole Sun by Tim Scullion


Triangle of Fire by Tim Scullion


Out on a Limb by Tim Scullion


Magical Descent by Tim Scullion

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