Tim Wilson - Fine Artist

Tim Wilson

Henrico, Va - United States








Tim Wilson

Henrico, Va - United States

Tim Wilson - Fine Artist

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About Tim Wilson

If my photos have a mission, it is this: capture everyday scenes and environments and present them in an interesting way. My images are not of the “touristy” variety though they may be of tourist destinations. I shoot what I like, what catches my eye, and what draws my interest. I use my camera as the extension of both what I see in front of me, and what I see in the final image (B&W).
I use a photographic process known as HDR in a number of my images, including the monochrome ones, which gives them the saturated look that is not typical in everyday photos.
Whether it is a known landmark (Main Street Station), a building (The Capital) you pass by every day, or a street you walk down, there are always views of the scene that I hope to capture that are fresh and unique, and that draw you into the image. To see things you know, and to remind you of those you have missed in your daily travels.
I have been told on a couple of occasions that “I make Richmond Look Good”, I hope that after viewing my photos you will come away with that same sentiment, not only for my Richmond photos, but for my other photos as well.

Any and all Photographs in this shop may not be reproduced in whole or part by without written permission from Tim Wilson of TA Wilson Photography.

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