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Tito Santiago

Baltimore, MD - United States

Tito Santiago - Fine Artist

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Art has always been a part of my life in one way or another. Starting out with crayons in elementary school my teachers always wanted me to do some sort of display or be part of an exhibition. I was always part of the school magazine and or year book throughout the years. I have always been good with my hands and imagination. I have won awards in the school system of New York competing in graphic arts, woodwork and metal work. I was fortunate enough to be accepted at the famous High School of Music and Art in New York. That was a memorable experience. Such talent in one school was an experience worth the hard work and demanding teachers. I wish I could do it all over again.

Although my parents wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer, I rebelled and went into the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam conflict. That didn't go over to well but the Marine Corps offered me photography since I passed their special exam in that field. I was fortunate enough to have excellent equipment and supplies to hone my trade that I was able to win photo contests and work with Miss North Carolina in the Miss National Teenager Competition. After I completed my obligation with the Marines I worked as a photographer in Puerto Rico doing Public Relations and Fashion Photography. That was fun but I needed to learn the business portion of art. I wish I had digital photography then. It would have been so much easier and cheaper. I enrolled in college in Puerto Rico in Business Administration. I found that restrictive and after a year and a half changed my major to electronics. I had an idea that photography and electronics were going to merge. This was back in 1976. Unfortunately my electronics knowledge took me to another route. I worked for Texas Instruments in Houston, Texas then Intel Corps in Puerto Rico as a Reliability Engineer. After that I worked in a small electronics company in New Rochelle, New York as a Quality Manager. Later I began working for the US government as a quality specialist. That was over twenty years ago.

While working in electronics to feed my family I have been working in different medias of art. My favorites are pencil, acrylics, pastels, woodwork (including carving), and working with clay. As soon as I am able to retire I can devote more time in the art field. Fine Art America is an excellent way to get exposure. There has been interest from all over the world that is priceless. In 2007 I went to Kuwait and got a feel on how people from different parts of the world would receive my art. That was a good experience but with FAA it's like digital photography..very much easier.

I am at this point in my life disabled retired. I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and returned with RADS. It's a struggle everyday but my art is keeping me focused. I'm not as steady as I use to be or have the stamina but I won't give up the art. What I use to do in a few hours now would take me days and not as well (so I think). I see the world differently now and cannot be bothered or sidetracked with a lot of negativity. My life is simple now and I appreciate it more. My art now comes from a deeper part of my heart and soul because of what it costs me to do it. I thank God everyday He sent me a partner who understands me and is patient and caring and willing to help me in my struggles. I hope you like it.

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White Tiger on the Prowl by Tito Santiago


Watching a sunset by Tito Santiago


Old San Juan Puerto Rico by Tito Santiago


T-Birds by Tito Santiago


T-Birds by Tito Santiago


T-Birds by Tito Santiago


T-Birds by Tito Santiago


T-Bird by Tito Santiago


T-Birds by Tito Santiago


T-Birds by Tito Santiago


Orang that's a ham by Tito Santiago


Cheetah with something to say by Tito Santiago


One Angry Tiger by Tito Santiago


Sunset on the canal edited by Tito Santiago


Storm clouds by Tito Santiago


Storm on the Gulf by Tito Santiago


Rain Storm on the horizan 1 by Tito Santiago


Flying with the Seagulls by Tito Santiago


Palms in the sky by Tito Santiago


Going home before dark by Tito Santiago


Eye in the sky by Tito Santiago


Eagle Watch by Tito Santiago


Calm Canal by Tito Santiago


Times Square after dark by Tito Santiago


Cross Eyed Tiger on the alert by Tito Santiago


Trees and Grass by Tito Santiago


Young Cheetah on the alert by Tito Santiago


Happy young Cheatah prousing by Tito Santiago


White Wolf Resting by Tito Santiago


Who ordered snow? by Tito Santiago


Thanks for the pool by Tito Santiago


Look at all that people by Tito Santiago


Ghostly Baltimore by Tito Santiago


Reflections of a White Tiger by Tito Santiago


Flamingo Love by Tito Santiago


A spot of Orange by Tito Santiago


White Morph Egret in flight by Tito Santiago


Great Blue Heron caught with snack by Tito Santiago


Ladies you are looking good by Tito Santiago


Blooming its way to the top by Tito Santiago


Piggyback time by Tito Santiago


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Hi there by Tito Santiago


Come fly with me by Tito Santiago


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The Joy Of A Bubble by Tito Santiago


Thanks Pal My feet were killing me by Tito Santiago


Hey that stick is mine by Tito Santiago

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