Todd Derr - Fine Artist

Todd Derr

Owensboro, KY - United States








Todd Derr

Owensboro, KY - United States

Todd Derr - Fine Artist

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About Todd Derr

Todd Derr is the son of a Warrick Co. coal miner and 1960's flower child. Both influenced his life growing up in the country north of Boonville, IN.
From his dad he learned mechanics and practical thinking. From his mom he learned to appreciate nature and to dream and create. From both he was granted freedom to explore and take his life in his own hands. A source of frustration for them he is sure.
Being a self taught artist and one to eschew the well trampled path, Todd has had fits and starts with his art and has taken a few different directions with it. From creating beautiful works with an airbrush and automotive paint or his watercolors, his work has been a sincere effort of what he was feeling at the moment.
Now concentrating solely on his watercolors, Todd has a small studio in his home in Owensboro, KY. where he, his wife and two children live with their two dogs Charlie and Sophie

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Old Road Bed by Todd Derr


Carpenters Lake New Year by Todd Derr


If Ever There Were A Rag Tag Bunch by Todd Derr


A Snowy Path in the Woods by Todd Derr


Down By The Pond by Todd Derr


Beech Tree Hill by Todd Derr


Under Construction by Todd Derr


Here Comes the Sun by Todd Derr


Punkins by Todd Derr


Across the Field by Todd Derr


Old Sycamore by Todd Derr


Southbound Towboat by Todd Derr


Prizer Point Sunset by Todd Derr


Fishtrap Ford by Todd Derr


Scenic Lake Maple by Todd Derr


On The Edge by Todd Derr


Tetons From The Valley Floor by Todd Derr


Cottonwood And Wind River by Todd Derr


Winter on the Backcountry Trail of Audubon State Park by Todd Derr


Water Street Under The Brooklyn Bridge by Todd Derr


Busted Bronc by Todd Derr


Around The Hill by Todd Derr


Waiting For Dinner by Todd Derr


Big Sky Over The Wind River Mountains by Todd Derr

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   |   Images = 92





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