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Tom Acevedo

Boston, MA - United States








Tom Acevedo

Boston, MA - United States

Tom Acevedo - Fine Artist

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About Tom Acevedo

Fine art painter working on the spirit. In the past three years I have recommitted to being a fine artist. This has come at such a time that I can focus on a spiritual life and rediscover a gift that the universe has given me. Since my earliest memories my favorite way to communicate has been through art. The brush or pencil has never been out of my hands. I studied for 3 years at the Massachusetts College of Art, and unable to afford classes in painting, I then left and apprenticed under an artist and mural painter. Soon after I began my career as a painter in the Boston area, and for 25 years my technique was honed working hand in hand with my clients. Yet only in these past three years have I begun to paint for myself again.
I paint because it is the only thing I know that I need to do, when my mind is not in the past or the future, but in the moment. Because I feel, I paint. Painting for me is meditative, cathartic, and emotional. I truly am blessed to have this venue for expression. If I can connect with one person through my painting I am happy; to add to the stream of life through painting, letting the viewer know they are not alone and that there is hope. My paintings can be a source of healing and inspiration, as well as something pleasing to the eye. The subjects, painted in acrylic, convey a masculine vulnerability, capturing a moment in time when the spirit of consciousness is pure. That moment can come not only in the best of times, but as in life, the most challenging of times as well.
My current paintings are somewhat autobiographical, an expression of what I’m working through in my life. “Breaking the Bonds” was painted during one of the most difficult times in my recovery when I realized I had to let go of some of my shortcomings. “Leaving Paradise” addresses the question of why I am always looking outside of myself for something that can only be found within, right where my feet are standing.
The paintings are usually a compilation of photographs put together, using this hand with that arm or that head. If needed, I photograph backgrounds and foregrounds that contribute to the telling of the story. In my mind the painting has 10 seconds of motion, but on canvas the concept must be able to move along without that. Recently I have started to paint from the live model with the hope of ensuring a connection with the viewer as well as a depth and a truth to skin tones. The same can be said of the concept of the paintings. They are figurative but I try to transfer an emotion or a stage of spiritual growth onto the canvas. Layer by layer I apply acrylic paint and glaze, building references to the emotion I am trying to express.
While the motivations may be deeply personal, my work seeks to portray the trials of any life, the beauty of each day, and burdens that are universally felt and understood. With each painting I attempt to challenge myself with lighting and exaggerated, twisting poses that appear disturbing without being offensive. Eventually I would like to relax on the realism and become a bit more surreal combining both approaches to bring each story to another level.

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