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Tom Runkle

Austin, TX - United States








Tom Runkle

Austin, TX - United States

Tom Runkle - Fine Artist

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March 15th, 2011







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About Tom Runkle

I am a seasoned veteran of the art world, having done custom stained glass for 35 years Recently, I pioneered a new creative outlet, utilizing hand cut mirror to form images of iconic musicians. My passion for glass has always been rivaled by my appreciation for music. Having lived in the music-rich Bay Area in the 1970's, and now residing in Austin, The Live Music Capitol of the World, my inspiration comes from having seen most of my subjects in live concerts. I also accept commission work for other's favorite performers, and subjects.. Recently, I started doing portraits of Native Americans, actors, and other faces that have a story to tell. Because of the new availability of colored and textured mirror, I can now take these images to a new clarity and depth. Each piece is signed and numbered, and ready to hang, they have a 3' cradle, and wire for hanging that becomes invisible.
Since this is a brand new art form, I continually learn with each new piece, and it has taken me in directions that I had not fathomed when I began.The true joy is having the daily anticipation of getting in the studio to find out what the day will bring. I thank my heavenly father every day for that precious gift.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan by Tom Runkle


David Bowie by Tom Runkle


Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend by Tom Runkle


McCartney by Tom Runkle


David Bowie present tense by Tom Runkle


The Possum by Tom Runkle


Paul and john by Tom Runkle


Robert DiNero by Tom Runkle


The Dude by Tom Runkle


Old Navajo tribesman by Tom Runkle


Jimi Hendrix by Tom Runkle


Johnny and June by Tom Runkle


Bob Marley by Tom Runkle


Townes Van Zandt by Tom Runkle


Pearl by Tom Runkle


Willie Wears Shades by Tom Runkle


Apache Elder by Tom Runkle


Crow Warrior by Tom Runkle


Jack White by Tom Runkle


Willie Nelson by Tom Runkle


Tupac Shakur by Tom Runkle


Keith Richards by Tom Runkle


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by Tom Runkle


David Bowie by Tom Runkle

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