Tomas OMaoldomhnaigh - Fine Artist

Tomas OMaoldomhnaigh

Ennis, Co Clare - Ireland








Tomas OMaoldomhnaigh

Ennis, Co Clare - Ireland

Tomas OMaoldomhnaigh - Fine Artist

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Tomás O’Maoldomhnaigh, is a professional portrait and landscape artist. His works can be found all over Ireland and is represented on the walls of many of Irelands top corporate companies.
View the Gallery for a selection of work from the range of Landscapes, portraits, figures, corporate and other work.

Exhibits are held on an on going basis and his paintings have been sold to the United States, Europe, Africa and Australia. He now lives and works as a full time artist and illustrator in his adopted County Clare, Ireland

“As an artist, I'm enthralled to put brush to canvas, it is at once both public and private. The world I reveal is an expression of my passion for both Classic European portraiture and the Pre-Raphaelite movement. I'm in awe of artists such as Sargent, Alma Tadema and the American Tony Ryder. I find the classic styles to be timeless, with a warmth and honesty not offered any more with modern movements.”

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