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Tony Grider

Norman, OK - United States








Tony Grider

Norman, OK - United States

Tony Grider - Fine Artist

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Thank you for visiting my websites with a special thanks to all of those who've purchased my prints. I hope you will take the time to visit my newest galleries including MONOLITHS, CAROUSEL HORSES COLLECTION, BLUE, and the upcoming ROUND HEADS ADVENTURES series. I hope you enjoy them and will send me your comments via email.

My mother introduced me to photography as a child with a Brownie black and white film camera and continued her joy of picture taking until her passing. In addition, my uncles Cody and Hugh Grider were avid camera and photography enthusiasts. It was fun watching them trade 'glass' and always try to one up the other on new lenses and cameras. They are truly missed!

I prefer using nature's available light whenever possible and especially attracted to beautiful objects and landscapes in and around my home. I use a number of digital software'darkroom' programs to enhance my vision of how each capture should be revealed to the beholder.

Please visit my cards and gifts shop CAFEPRESS.COM/GRIDERIMAGES for unique gifts created from my favorite photographs. If there is a special home accessory that I have not yet included from one of my prints, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

I am a member of the Norman Arts Council and Paseo Arts Association with sales to image collectors from around the world. Several of my images have been on exhibition in the Paseo Small Art Show for the past two years and are available as posters through STASH in Norman, OK.

All proceeds from the sale of prints THROUGH BECKY'S EYES versions I and II will be donated to the American Cancer Society.
All proceeds from the sale of the print WOODY'S LEGACY will be donated to the Oklahoma Huntington's Disease Chapter.

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Americana Photographia Collection

Welcome to my new Americana Photographia gallery. My goal is to create unique photographs that have been recently captured and transformed to fit my own vision and style I call Retro Sunset Vintage. I begin by capturing the sharpest image possible in the best light possible, then through various adjustments with tones and lighting using multiple software programs and filters, produce images that touch me emotionally and artistically. My purpose is not to create the most perfect technical photograph or follow any particular set of rules. I use digital photo software to obtain the tones that are most pleasing to me with minimal cropping or structural adjustments to the object or landscape in the original photo The photographic images in my new collection are a result of landscapes, objects, and colors that I enjoy. I hope that you will find the same appreciation for the warm browns, turquoise, rust, and golden tones depicted both naturally and through the use of various digital filters in this series. The amusement park photos were partially inspired from the work of Alwin H. Kuchler, German cinematographer from the motion picture, HANNA. The film scenes from the abandoned amusement park are not only symbolic to the storyline, but captured in a very stylistic manner. My goal is for each image to become a time machine that transports you to another place and time in order to leave your present day thoughts and stress behind. Plans are to have LIMITED EDITIONS of large high resolution prints from this series be made available on request at a password protected gallery. I hope you enjoy my galleries and that you will send me your comments via Email.

Tony Grider - Retro Fan

Retro Fan

Tony Grider

Tony Grider - Lakeside


Tony Grider

Tony Grider - Tire Swing

Tire Swing

Tony Grider

Tony Grider - Plane Ride

Plane Ride

Tony Grider

Tony Grider - Tilt-a-whirl


Tony Grider

Tony Grider - Oklahoma River

Oklahoma River

Tony Grider

Tony Grider - Nash Americana

Nash Americana

Tony Grider