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Tony Murray

Cobleskill, NY - United States








Tony Murray

Cobleskill, NY - United States

Tony Murray - Fine Artist

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December 25th, 2007







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About Tony Murray

'We only understand silence because we can speak, not because we should speak.' (Murray)

'Just because something is free, it doesn't mean it's worth the price you paid to have it' (Murray)

' A man will see with his eyes.....An artist will see with his vision ' ( Murray)

' What man has envisioned he will eventually conceive ' (Murray)

'Even the least skillful artist can draw a conclusion' (Murray)

' Why doth the poet reflect? For time will not wait for the poet ' (Murray)

' The Artist's curse becomes mankinds blessing ' (Murray)

' A worthwhile life is not one of least resistance ' (Murray)

' Loneliness is the sculptors most faithful companion ' (Murray)

'The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference' (Murray)

'The predominant religion in the world today is ignorance' (Murray)

'Philosophy is good for nothing, that is a good thing, since nothing doesn't exist'. (Murray)

'It is not the most brilliant or clever that leave words of wisdom for the rest of us. No!
It is those whom, after the earth has claimed its due, cannot shut up!' (Murray)

'The world would be a better place if the wise doings, outnumbered the wise sayings '. (Same guy as above quote)

'Poetry is simply understanding who you are not, while convincing the world around you, of who you are' (Murray)

'Any person who tells you when the sun rises and when it sets is a religious fanatic known as an astrophysicist' (Murray)

'God has been and always will be the first athiest' (Murray)

'I met a genius once, you should have heard him listen' ! (Murray)

'It can be heard at many a funeral that the deceased had died an 'untimely' death. But who has died a 'timely' death?' (Murray)

'The true battle of art lies not between the palette and the canvas, but between the viewer and the wall' (Murray)

'When I make a sculpture, I don't create something new, I redistribute what I've always known' (Murray)

'Many a teacher told me to: 'Try and stay inside the lines', which today, thankfully, I don't' (Murray)

'Contentment comes at a very high price. Anxiety and fear are often sold to secure the debt.' (Murray)

'At a most opportune time, a wise man once said nothing.' (Murray)

'Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is in the eye of the imaginative!' (Murray)

'It is easy to be right all of the time, all one must needs do, is never learn from your mistakes!' (Murray)

'I don't have to be the greatest artist of the 21st century, I am completely satisfied with just a cult following'. (Murray)

'Fame is not accrued but left to collective perception' (Murray)

'Only a fool would shove their beliefs down someone's throat, better to cram it into their ears !' (Murray)

'If I create a work of art, and no one is there to see it, is it still a masterpiece?' (Murray)

'I met a fool once, but quickly walked away realizing it was just a reflection' (Tony Murray)

'Talk is cheap, must be the reason people can afford so much of it.' (Tony Murray)

'If you want to know the future just wait a minute.' (Tony Murray)

'I think the thing I will miss most when I die is myself !' (Murray)

'None of us live long enough to become an actual adult. We are the larva teaching the larva how to fly.' (Murray)

'At the right speed, even a pebble can have a mighty impact!' (Murray)

'Most people are confused by common sense' Tony Murray

'You can't live in the present, everything you do is in the past.' (Murray)

'We are at the very brink of understanding how the universe works, we just need more money.' (Murray)

'Apparently, I got to the ovum first !' (Murray)

'All of the greatest artists never thought they were.' (Murray)

'Show me a true artist and I will show you a person who has not yet completed their greatest work!' (Murray)

'The obtainer of wisdom and the obtainer of knowledge, One knows how to use it the other knows what it is used for. If you happen to have both, then you know which one is which.' (Murray)

' Culture is a reflection of history. Art is the light that enters it. Artists are the prism that give it dimension and scope.'

As soon as I can become more self absorbed, introverted and narcissistic, I will add more info to my bio.
* In the mean time thanks for you patience *

Copyright (Anthony Murray) All Rights Reserved.

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The unique combination of sculpture and photography.

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