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Tony Nelson

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Tony Nelson

Hendersonville, NC - United States

Tony Nelson - Fine Artist

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About Tony Nelson

Hello fellow artists and collectors,
My name is Tony Nelson, I am an artist, and as you can tell by my expression, I'm mad as hell... Many folks tell me that I resemble a bear. Maybe they're right, but I just can't see it.
I live near Asheville NC and was a ranger at DuPont State Forest for 5 years. I love nature and it is often reflected in my artwork through inspiration gathered during my ranger years, as well as through my ongoing treks through that remarkable forest. I discovered during that time that I detest government work. I suppose that if I must be labeled at all, I would be a libertarian. I believe strongly in individual liberty. Strangely enough, my love of nature is what made me leave that line of work.
I am a pretty fair hand at a number of things. I like to camp, hike and fish, play guitar, build rustic furniture, and draw wildlife. That last one is the only thing I was ever really any good at. I can see myself getting better at it yet! Practice makes perfect you know... My next step will be larger works done in watercolors, pastels, and acrylics, not necessarily in that order.
I find it tragic that our culture has become so dependent upon capital. Now before anyone calls me a communist I'd like to say that I am not. I love America. What I don't love is America's obsession with money. Too many folks squander their youth chasing dollar signs and living beyond their means, only to discover one day that they're old and have nothing but a pension to show for it. Wrinkle cream, hair dye, and a sportscar can't restore your youth or your health.
These things are not necessarily portrayed in my works. I'm not a social or political artist. I prefer instead to focus upon the world as the Good Lord made it, and not what men have made of it. I strive to capture the spirit of the animals I draw, as well as their external appearance.

On the flip side of that, I also like to draw cartoons, mostly satirical or just plain chuckle-worthy. Hope you like.

Thanks for looking. Peace, happiness and all good things to you.

All work displayed on this page is for sale in print form and is the property of Tony Nelson, and as such is protected by domestic and international copyright laws.

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Backpackin With Kitty by Tony Nelson


Wood Duck Drake by Tony Nelson


Red Fox in Briery Creek Drainage by Tony Nelson


Cooper's Hawk at Sunrise by Tony Nelson


The trouble with cell phones by Tony Nelson


Snow Bully by Tony Nelson


Untitled by Tony Nelson


I'll be working in the garden dear. by Tony Nelson


Hard Times by Tony Nelson


Whistle while you work by Tony Nelson


What we most desire is often just out of reach. by Tony Nelson


Cop nap by Tony Nelson


I love swinging Darla by Tony Nelson


Fat Man's Nightmare by Tony Nelson


Eastern Bluebird by Tony Nelson


Big Bear by Tony Nelson


Red Tail Hawk Head Study by Tony Nelson


Chillin Squirrel by Tony Nelson


Prince of the Flatwoods by Tony Nelson


Lone Stag in a Wood by Tony Nelson


New Fawn Takes a Drink From Grassy Creek DuPont State Forest by Tony Nelson


How Stan and Betty Beat the Economic Crisis by Tony Nelson


One Man's Freedom by Tony Nelson


Hindsight by Tony Nelson

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