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Curt Curt

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Curt Curt

Clayton - United States

Curt Curt - Fine Artist

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About Curt Curt

Like most everyone here I took a very early interest in art. I have been drawing as long as I remember and have always had great encouragement from family and friends.
Even when I was too young to understand what I was seeing, I remember staring at objects and trying to determine their colors, even seeing colors in shadows and realizing they weren't just black. My mom would draw little birds for me and that encouraged me to want to draw. anytime I could get my hands on a was draw, draw, draw.
I didn't get into painting until my twenties and then it was on and off, but I do now put serious effort into it. When I am not painting I am observing everything. I still have much to learn and I guess I always will be a constant learner.
I also play guitar and drums, both only to please myself. I collect many things and can always be found searching for art books at yard sales and thrift stores.
I collect art also from comics as they were an early influence on my love for art. I cannot list my favorite artists as the list is far too long and growing but I love so many types and am a huge fan of Western art and old illustration art.

I love creating art that brings happiness in others lives and I hope you enjoy looking. thank you for stopping by! feel free to contact me!

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Early Fall Changes by Curt Curt


Coming Up A Cloud by Curt Curt


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White water by Curt Curt


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Run right through by Curt Curt


Shed study by Curt Curt


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Punky Valentine snow by Curt Curt


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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night... by Curt Curt


Silk And Water by Curt Curt


House Of Silk And Water by Curt Curt


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Punky comin at ya by Curt Curt


Growin' over me by Curt Curt


Scar Across The Sky by Curt Curt


BlueDoor by Curt Curt


In case of homesickness by Curt Curt


Encased by Curt Curt


Think I've heard that song before by Curt Curt


Hambone hugs pup by Curt Curt


Spirit of it by Curt Curt


Broken Epi by Curt Curt

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