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Tracy Fetter

San Rafael, CA - United States








Tracy Fetter

San Rafael, CA - United States

Tracy Fetter - Fine Artist

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About Tracy Fetter

My artwork is available for sale from Etsy or Saatchi. Tracy Fetter. I am not updating Fine Art America at this time. 2015.

I am trying to make the world a happier place through visual experiences and quality. I sincerely believe that there is a correlation between environment and mindset. If you like your surroundings your life will be happy.

I find abstraction and patterns a never ending fascination. I love exploring how to express my love, frustration, inspiration and contemplation with color, metallic paints, texture and form. The theme that is constant with my work is luminosity coming out of darkness. I also like to control chaos by rhythmic lines, or exact deliberate lines. I can always find a use for metallic paint. This exploration has lead to several series.

In my flower series I choose to have luminosity come out of darkness by controlling the chaos with luminous energetic lines that surround the flowers. Most of the flowers are very loosely painted patterns with the control being luminous kinetic lines that are somewhat rhythmic.

My Sun/Fireball series is the logical path for me to explore luminosity of the metallic paint at its hottest and contrast it with darkness of either a highly contrasting color, or reverse the foreground and background with the exploration of dark to very luminous, and play with the textures of matt and shine.

My Poly-Chrome Abstract series is an exploration of luminosity coming out of darkness by the texture of the pallet knife strokes creates more emotion than any of my other works. The edges and motion of this exploration are very free but the chaos is controlled by the contrast and textures. The contrast and angle make this series my emotional work.

My mosaic series is more about controlling chaos. I choose an image to represent, paint it with color, and control it by painting lines. Those lines are not gold lines, but iron metal oxide and up close do have a luminous quality. So the chosen image is frozen, the grout lines are free, but since they are lines they are by nature of line physics controlling the image.

Both antiquities and modern art inspire me. I like the classical arts of the Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese Empires. I also like modern art from the Bauhaus particularly Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, and Walissy Kandinsky. Oh, and I do like to choose my colors and textures from Art Nouveau and Gustav Klimt. So, Gold, Silver, Reds, Blues, Purples, anything rich that contrasts well with metallic paint.

I have a hard time remembering artwork titles like 'Red River Valley'. However, I can remember the titles to my paintings if I give them regular people names then I can remember people with those names too. Thus most of my artwork is titled with common names.

I have decided to post pictures of my travels and architectural details.

Just a tip: beware, as with any fine art, in traditional mediums, they donít necessarily translate to the web well. Since photography does not capture these pieces entirely. Many of my works look great online, yet look even better in person. Texture, brush strokes, interference colors, reflectance, and especially colors that are outside the gamut of computers just are not conveyed. A great example is how various gold paints and leaf (a common participant in my art) is darn near impossible to convey with a photo.

90% of my current work is non-representational. With non-representational art it may be easier for the viewer to talk about specific parts of each piece, but not society or a fable. I am happy when people genuinely say, 'Nice', or 'this reminds me of favorite sheets, table cloth, color, etc.' I have thick enough skin that I won't lock myself in the bathroom and cry because someone thinks my painting looks like wall paper or wrapping paper. I do understand that it is hard to find commonality in speech let alone ideas. So if my images make you happy or at least conjure up the word nice within you then I'm happy.

My Facebook Fan page is

Personal Stuff --- I have been happily married since 1991. We have a daughter. Everyone likes to know about the artist's travel and school. I have a BA in Drama from the University of Washington (1994) and a Museum Studies Certificate also from the University of Washington (1999). AA of Liberal Arts from N. Seattle Community College.

I have been to all forty-eight congruent United States Canada and Mexico. North America is a continent of extremes; hot to cold, gorgeous to ugly. The people are extreme too. I don't like snow or piety. I prefer and feel lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My worldly travels have taken me to the Fabulous France, beautiful Island of Bali and amazing city of Hong Kong (and Kowloon). I had a long stop over in Amsterdam and they stamped my passport and the plane to Hong Kong had to refuel for hours in Taipei Taiwan so I'm counting it.

Sometimes, I am a very disgruntled American. I can really be annoyed with Americans. I used to think that I'd prefer living elsewhere. No, the San Francisco Bay Area has everything I desire and need. It's in America so I am an American.

I have shown in art galleries, clubs, restaurants, and salons in the San Francisco, San Jose areas, and Seattle.

All works on this site are copyright cc. Tracy Fetter 2012

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