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Tracy Kelly

London, ON - Canada

Tracy Kelly - Fine Artist

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About Tracy Kelly a woman who lives from her heart. A woman who sees with her heart. A woman who chooses to witness the Divinity of Life in every form. A woman who respects the Earth, and delights in its simple pleasures. A woman whose greatest desire is to share Beauty, to awaken people's hearts to Love, to Inspire a new way of Seeing, and a new way of Be-ing.

My art career began as a graphic artist. I've always loved the challenge of combining elements into a visually appealing and motivating message. The physical intensity of working on a computer all day ended that career but opened up another, that of mother. I began to use the photographic training I'd received in college to capture all of the wonderful memories my son was creating. The camera became my artistic outlet and stress reliever, and I would walk through the woods and learn to slow down and find peace with nature. With a lot of encouragement from family and friends, I presented my first work in a local studio tour with great success and sales. I loved how my unique vision of the world could touch people's hearts, inspire healing, or just brighten their day. I knew then that I had to share more.

Over the past four years I've added a website for my photography, but also been inspired to expand my creativity into other forms. The love of nature, especially wood and stones, became expressed as driftwood picture frame holders, candleholders, heart-shaped stone pendants and hair accessories. And I haven't stopped yet. Nature continues to define and inspire new creations and Love has opened up new creative channels as well as a new partner.

The most prominent thing people remember about my art is the hearts that I find. In 2008 on a trip of self-discovery that took me to Europe, I found that wherever I was following my heart, I would find hearts. Those who shared parts of the journey with me were introduced to all of the hearts that I found as well. It tickled my heart, so to speak, and I just had to share! I drew upon my previous graphic design skills and created a book of those heart photos called Love Is Everywhere. It's a liitle book that will hopefully inspire others to follow their hearts as well.

I've learned that the most important thing in life is Love. The love of family and friends, and the love of doing something that fans the flames of your heart. This is what my heart says...Follow Your Heart. It's never led me wrong yet.

Thanks for visiting and sharing a piece of my heart.

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