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Tray Mead

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Tray Mead

Mesa, AZ - United States

Tray Mead - Fine Artist

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About Tray Mead

Tray Mead has a special daring in both his art style and the subject matter he selects. His specialness is readily apparent when capturing the essence of the 'otherworldly' beings of the faerie realm or the wild ruggedness of his native Southwest.

Mead won three national art awards before he was 15 and has continued winning national art awards and recognition for both his artwork and major art exhibitions he has curated and directed as the founding director of the famed Southwest Museum. This even includes the prestigious national Dorothy Mullen Arts and Humanities Award. He has shown in numerous museums and galleries and his client list is impressive. Yet, he is a very down-to-earth guy. His art is in the form of paintings, sculptures and photography which gives his patrons many ways to own his valuable artwork. Recently retiring from his museum director position he is devoting full time to art. Mead says, 'As I age it seems my art is getting more valuable by the day.' Mead takes a long pause and continues, ' I guess I'm like a good bottle of wine'

It is hard to say which of Tray Mead's art forms are more popular and valuable. His world photography is his most traditional art form. He had five magazine covers published before the age of 25 and his photography has gone on to be seen and known around the world.

His painting is the most exotic and erotic of his art portfolios. They feature his very grown up faerie realm paintings. These exotic winged beings bring arousal and heat to his canvases.

His sculptures are his most unusual art form capturing creatures that lived 200 million years ago in stone to other creatures like dragons and mermaids that only live in our imaginations. In one single day his picture appeared in over 200 papers world-wide. This was in association with dinosaurs and his dinosaur art and sculptures.

Mead,s art is truly original and intriguing in a world that often needs excitement and stimulation. To acquire a piece of Mead's work is to own excellence.

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Fairy And Urn by Tray Mead


Fairys Pearl Necklace by Tray Mead


Blue African Fairy by Tray Mead


Fairies in Roman Garden by Tray Mead


Eagle and Flag by Tray Mead


Dragon Riding Elephant by Tray Mead


Dying Star by Tray Mead


Da Vinci Code by Tray Mead


Gold Mining Town by Tray Mead


Prehistoric Crocodile - Fossil by Tray Mead


Apache Crown Dancer by Tray Mead


Centaur at Night by Tray Mead


Fairy Balancing Jar by Tray Mead


Backlit Fairy by Tray Mead


Atlantis Gold by Tray Mead


Apache Maiden by Tray Mead


Angle Study by Tray Mead


Blue Angle - Nude by Tray Mead


Ancient Zoo - Prehistoric by Tray Mead


American Ammonites - Prehistoric by Tray Mead


A Silent Prayer by Tray Mead


Fairy Takes A Second Look by Tray Mead


Nude Roman Fairy by Tray Mead


A Temple Mermaid by Tray Mead

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