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Tres Folia

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Tres Folia

Liverpool, NSW - Australia

Tres Folia - Fine Artist

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About Tres Folia

Welcome to the creative world of ' Tres Folia '

We are 2 guys who live oceans apart, yet we design side by side. Andrew lives in Conn in the USA and Steven lives in Sydney Australia....

We love to share how we see things in the world..through our camera lense and through our eyes..

We choose the name Tres Folia which is 3 leaves in Latin as it was symbolic to us of life. The leaf is the living force and the 3 symbolises the past present and the future. The leaf's form will change with the 3 different time elements which surround it and those time elements will ultimately shape that leaf into what it is destined to be.

I have been taking photos for a while now and it has become my creative outlet. Since I was young, I would always draw and paint...I was always motivated by the things that I saw around me , whether they be inside or outside. As I matured and developed a defined eye for design , it saw me branch out into interior design, antiques and eventually lead me to finding my perfect match , my camera.

With having a full time job...I am restricted with how much time I would love to spend capturing images which inspire and stimulate me. Every time I have the opportunity to go out and take my camera with me , I feel like a bird that is flying so very high in the sky and I look down and see all that can be photographed and captured as a timeless piece of art .
I love to experiment with my photography, creating different types of effects using many different props such as nylons or ice to create an altered perspective or to enhance the image that I have created in my mind even before I take the picture.

A quote by Andrew:
' My mind has become like a frame, when I see the world around me.. I straight away think , that could be a photo and I am inspired by those shots that most people would just walk past and not even notice...even if that has me stumbling, falling or slipping down in order to capture that image '

Steven's work in the beginning focused around painting symmetric which were reflective of his life. His creations were acrylic based painting s primarily influenced by the colour blue. Steven took Andrews still photography to another level with his digital reworking of the original designs to create the mystical and echoing pieces he has today.

A quote by Steven:

'I feel my work translates itself as something that is never ending , infinite'

Thank you for taking the time to experience our work with us. We hope that our work moves you or creates some type of emotional response as we would love to hear and share with you ,your views and thoughts on what is born from the deepest fragment of our creativity.

We welcome any personalised requests that might reflect you and your life span and circle.

Letís start this journey together and look forward to the exciting steps that stand before us .

Your friends

Andrew Lawson and Steven Sekulic

Tres Folia
Creative Design

All work is copyright protected to Andrew Lawson and Steven Sekulic

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