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Tuan HollaBack

Geneva, Geneva - Switzerland

Tuan HollaBack - Fine Artist

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About Tuan HollaBack

If you don't know a thing about creativity, talents and stupidity, you should check TUAN or HOLLA BACK. Considered by many as the best manga drawer in Geneva (Switzerland), Tuān replies: 'First of all, I ain't no drawer. I'm just the only cartoonist in Geneva who got swag and makes real money with his things'.

After seven years off, Tuān restarted to draw in 2008, thanks to the encouragements of his friend Shaka and Queensbridge legendary rapper Killa Sha. Since then, Tuān's asian and urban art style started to become famous and is now really appreciated by street cats and rap artists such as Cormega, Killarmy (Wu-Tang Clan), Bang 'Em Smurf & Domination (former members of 50 Cent's G-Unit), Jordan Tower (video director of Lil' Wayne, The Diplomats, Mobb Deep...) and many more. Tuān's connections are mainly based in New York City gutters, and more precisely from the infamous Queensbridge Projects to the Bronx and Southside Jamaica Queens. Tuān's progression from the streets to major labels started recently in drawing the album cover of a major artist, Kid Springs, whose album 'Project Dreams' features tracks with Akon, T-Pain and Ice Cube to name a few.

Due to health concerns and the death of QB rapper and mentor Killa Sha, Tuān realised how short life could be: 'I feel I won't live long. So instead of living a long life, I try to live a wide life.' So that's why the young Asian developed his 'Radical Dreamer' concept in saying that 'a dream without action is called sleep : dreaming is one thing, making dreams reality is another one'. Right about now, everything Tuān does is in the name of pleasure and positivity, something that so-called artists seem to have forgotten.

For 2010, Tuān plans to take a little distance from the Hip-Hop scene and to take advantage of his worldwide connections: 'I'm on my way back to Asia, in the first time I'll be in China then in Japan for some times'. The best occasion and the best context for our artist to start an official first comic book called 'L.O.V.E.'

Forget about two thousand ten: the year is two thousand Tuān.

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I'm From QB by Tuan HollaBack


Steve C. by Tuan HollaBack


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QB's Own by Tuan HollaBack


Godz And Kingz by Tuan HollaBack


Catch My Drift by Tuan HollaBack


I Am Queensbridge by Tuan HollaBack


The End Of Evangelion by Tuan HollaBack


Katsuragi Misato by Tuan HollaBack


Big Twins - TG1 by Tuan HollaBack


Radical Dreamers I by Tuan HollaBack


Radical Dreamers Logo by Tuan HollaBack


Comme sur des Roulettes by Tuan HollaBack


Loaded by Tuan HollaBack


David T. by Tuan HollaBack


Oshiri Colored Version by Tuan HollaBack


Oshiri I Blanck and White by Tuan HollaBack


Champloo'd by Tuan HollaBack


Baishun by Tuan HollaBack


A New Hope by Tuan HollaBack


Wanita x AirForceTuan III by Tuan HollaBack


Wanita x AirForceTuan II by Tuan HollaBack


Jack Rabbitz FLY by Tuan HollaBack


Jack Rabbitz Samurais by Tuan HollaBack

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