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Tyler Schmeling

Aurora, CO - United States








Tyler Schmeling

Aurora, CO - United States

Tyler Schmeling - Fine Artist

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About Tyler Schmeling

IN THE MOUTH OF MADNIES when you live the life of the artist your always burning the candle at both ends. I've been a Artist ever since i was ten. The conscience world has always spoke to my inner abstraction and called to a deeper level of my being, like wassily kandinsky, mark toby, john michel basquiat I try to compose feel and transcend through every painting to present the viewer with the experience of there inner imagination and child hood. I have mastered many forms of theory's that have not even been explored yet, education has a very important part in the progression of humanity and its short cuts,but becoming a master in the abstract field has brought me to many cross roads in my life and has open the door to infinite possibilities,Education doesn't have to be an obstacle when working in the field of creation and thought,it just depends on the vessel and energy, These days the world can be a cold place when it comes to heart and soul no one really has time to really just stop and smell the universe so its very important that you do so,in my experience its initially just getting to that point of breaking out the materials and putting your ideas down,after that every artist is familiar with the natural flow of ideas that come after.In point being iv'e been very successful as a Poet, Architect,Musician,Athlete,Artist,Author,Friend,Family man,philosopher, and Inventor the only way this is possible is by God and finding ones true self and when i say this it's a lot easier said then done reason being because todays society are literally born with out there true identity and automatically forced to swim down stream with no idea your going the wrong direction your not suppose to ask questions and just do as your told, life is formatted so you don't have to use your mind, body or soul Your told how to eat what to wear,how to look, who to pray to unfortunately all this is true and its in the form of a Lie... Who are you ? Sometimes it takes a dramatic experiences to wake up ones self me i've been abused,mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.Also the sad thing is many of us cause this grief upon each other with out even being aware. I've been Shot, stabbed, house burnt down,institutionalized,placed in foster care and many other events that curved my time line.God continues to mold ones soul until one finds there true self, then one will be able to enlighten to ones true potential. Example this wonderful world of abstract...to the ones that reflected on this Biography may you find your true happiness in the universe, may your heart be pure so that the strength of ten will be in your corner, and treat others as if it was you.God is Love Light and truth!!

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Nights temple r by Tyler Schmeling


Snow owl by Tyler Schmeling

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