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Vanda Omejc

Rakitna - Slovenia

Vanda Omejc - Fine Artist

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About Vanda Omejc

I live and work in Slovenia. I dedicated my life to art and I put much love and time into creation of my paintings. A am very happy and excited to share my artworks with you. I and my co-author Gabrijela Železnik joined our gifts, and together, we began to represent the insight of our inner worlds. The medium we use is mandala. We have been creating them together since 1998. Our works have already been displayed at several exhibitions in Slovenia. The first mandala exhibition was held in 2001 at the National and University Library in Ljubljana, and over the years, more exhibitions followed. Exhibitions:

So far, the mandalas were published in various publications such as books, colouring books, electronic colouring book, wall calendar »The Art of Mandala«, etc.

In the beginning, we see the mandala as an inner image, and the final work is based on the sketch of this inner image. Original mandalas are painted on glass with a brush, using a small dots technique. Each mandala also carries a message written by us, which talks to the person looking at it about a deeper, at a first glance sometimes even hidden meaning and purpose of the mandala. The messages are universal. With mandalas, we wish to help with relaxation, harmonisation and, consequently, raise the consciousness.

The word mandala means 'circle'. The circle is found everywhere in nature both in the micro- and macro-cosmos. Ever since the ancient times, it has served as the basic symbol of concentration and meditation, protection and personal maturity process. It is used in all cultures and religions around the world as a symbol to emphasise the centre which represents unconditional love.
A mandala is an ancient and eternal symbol of the completeness of creation, wholeness and unity. Diversity connected into a whole opens a path to inner harmony and deepens the space of awareness. Mandalas have existed since the beginning of mankind. The basic purpose of mandalas is to help us and assist us in our practice of concentration, meditation, contemplation in our personal growth process and in raising our consciousness.

Everything we understand, everything we see, it all depends on the level of our consciousness. Mandalas are formed in a way to help us with that. We are a collective consciousness, but we see ourselves as separate, not connected with the whole. But for us to experience ourselves as a collective consciousness again and to experience ourselves as a whole again, for that we need a balanced functioning of the left and right brain hemispheres. Mandalas are formed in a way so that they help us with that, gradually and completely balancing us. And as we raise our consciousness, we feel free, we suddenly see the whole world in a different light, and we no longer identify ourselves with experiences but use them to experience a different view. And as we experience a different view of our experiences, we simply no longer need them, and they go away, or we no longer occupy ourselves with them in a way as we did before. Because the purpose of mandalas is to get a different view of life, to realise that reality is not only what we experience around us, that we are the creators and makers of our reality.

I invite you to visit our website at where you can find more information about the mandalas and our creations.

You are specially invited to watch the video clips with reports on mandala exhibitions and interviews. The videos are available on the website in the Mandala/Videos section or by clicking the link below:

Photo galleries from past exhibitions are available in the Gallery/Exhibitions section or by clicking the link below:

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