Varvara Stylidou - Fine Artist

Varvara Stylidou

Antwerpen, flanders - Belgium








Varvara Stylidou

Antwerpen, flanders - Belgium

Varvara Stylidou - Fine Artist

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February 19th, 2010







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About Varvara Stylidou

I'm female profesional artist living and working in Antwerpen, Belgium.
Untitled Fragments in my last painting series of geometric abstract artworks, I used bold colors and powerful brush strokes, as I do in all my paintings, in order to create a lasting visual impression. Art Buyers (art lovers) will see symbolic references to prominent 20th century abstract painters like Andy Warhol and Alex Katz as I offer homage to their artistic vision through my own art.
These artworks are still for sale.

Kind regards, Varvara Stylidou.
Locations of your exhibition

» your exhibition Revolutionary Art Taipei 2012 March

Oxford International Art Fair 2015

Locations of your exhibition:

since 20.03.2015 Pierre Proesmans Notaire sprl , Gembloux
from 30.01.2015 Pfizer LUX, Luxembourg
from 20.11.2014 AON Insurance Managers (Luxembourg) s.a. (1), Luxembourg
from 22.09.2014 Business Office Services Lux, Luxembourg
from 14.07.2014 Laboratoire Luc Olivier sprl, Villers-le-Bouillet
from 02.06.2014 Forges de Zeebrugge, Herstal - Belgium
from 05.05.2014 Deloitte & Touche , Loncin
from 24.02.2014 NL - Progressive Nederland, Amsterdam
from 17.12.2013 NL - Euroclear 3, -Amsterdam
from 09.10.2013 NL - McKinsey & Company Netherlands Mrooms 2, AS Amsterdam
from 30.07.2013 NL - Biomet Europe 7, Dordrecht
from 08.07.2013 NL - Biomet Nederland 2, -
from 23.04.2013 NL - Biomet GSCC 4, Breda
from 22.04.2013 Novo Nordisk Pharma n.v., Brussels
from 20.03.2013 Silversquare Europe SA (MEEUS1), Bruxelles
from 18.02.2013 Belfius Vallée de la Dyle SCRL (Rooms), Wavre
from 16.01.2013 Multiburo - Wavre 1er, Wavre - Belgium
from 13.12.2012 GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals s.a. W032 W035, Wavre - Belgium
from 16.11.2012 Albemarle Europe SPRL, Louvain-la-Neuve - Belgium
from 05.10.2012 Aspria Louise, Bruxelles-
After arrangement with Little Van Gogh you can visit your exhibition.
(phone no. 0032 (0)2 / 652.43.43)

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