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Venura Herath

Kandy, Sri lanka - Sri Lanka








Venura Herath

Kandy, Sri lanka - Sri Lanka

Venura Herath - Fine Artist

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February 11th, 2011







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About Venura Herath

A photographer and a scientist...i am always baffled with the unknown.. i experiment in order to have a glimpse of the infinite explanation of how, when and why a thing exist the way it does.. a challenging and daunting task but never a futile one.

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Discovering The Art Of Venura Herath

Kandy, Sr - February 17th, 2011

Artist "Venura Herath" has added another gallery devoted to his insights on human nature. He approaches human nature in its raw and edgy quality. Each resulting image is truly quite mesmerizing and compelling. His work evokes myriad of emotions and one cant help but reflect on each photo that he presented. Visit his "gallery" and discover a unique artist in each photograph that he posted. Gallery link: "Click Here"

The World As Seen By Venura Herath

Kandy, Sr - February 14th, 2011

Artist Venura Herath has added another gallery to showcase his journeys using photography as a medium.He documented his travels through his camera and his well-captured scenes give the viewer a glimpse of the amazing beauty of each place that he has been. He was able to transform a landscape into an artwork with a feel of a painting. If you want to be part of his journey, you can visit his gallery at "An Explorer of the World . For a limited time you can get a special 10% discount ( coupon code XFDNLD).