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Vernon Farris

Mountain View, CA - United States








Vernon Farris

Mountain View, CA - United States

Vernon Farris - Fine Artist

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About Vernon Farris

At the age of three, young Vernon could be found propped up on one elbow, lying on the floor drawing little bunnies in the sunset. The bunnies were depicted by a series of different shaped ovals on a field of green crayon marks. Now a grown man the creatures illustrated have been equipped with appendages and much more elaborate backgrounds.

Throughout grade school, junior high school and high school Vernon excelled in art. When the senior year of high school drew to an end he received the coveted 'Golden Key' award for excellence in art. In spite of his talent as an artist, Vernon decided to study Psychology. After a process of introspection he switched back to art, his first love.

Vernon received a Bachelor of Arts degree in drawing and painting from California State College of Long Beach. Moreover, he completed all of the units for a masterís degree. Today, due to his motivation and discipline, Vernon D. Farris is an excellent artist who incorporates creativity and sensitivity in his art. He works in acrylics canvas painting and illustration.

Throughout college Vernon worked in a clothing store near the beach. This job helped put him through school and lead the way for his first 'Real' job working as an artist for Ocean Pacific Sun Wear.

Itís very possible that you may have at one time worn a garment graced by Vern's talent. Now you can view a variety of his works here on this web site. Along with a variety of t-shirt graphics there are illustrations of a variety of subjects from island scenes, underwater subjects and portraits. In a computer graphic driven world you will be pleasantly surprised that Vernon keeps hand illustration alive with his work.

Whether itís a t-shirt graphic, textile design, or an illustration, Vern is here to meet your creative needs. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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