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Vicky Mowrer

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Vicky Mowrer

Aurora, CO - United States

Vicky Mowrer - Fine Artist

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About Vicky Mowrer

I fell in love with photographs long before I was able to start shooting. My first camera was an old 110, and with the first returned prints, I was hooked. I've gradually moved up in quality cameras, and now that digital has come into it's own, I never go anywhere with out one. I was never able to take all the shots I wanted with a film camera, so, my hobby is now basically free, and I can put my spin directly onto the shot so hopefully, people see what I saw.

I tend toward nature photography, I love the colors and textures you can find when you just look around. I'm still and always will be learning this craft. I've had this particular camera for a couple of years now, and I'm still learning new things.

That is what art is, I think, learning, seeing, expressing, loving. It can be a simple stick or rock, but if you love it, that is the art. Art=love. The love the artist has for the subject, the love a person has at seeing that work. So many things can be shared through this media. Hopes, dreams, sorrows, humor, tears, things never noticed are brought to the attention of others.

I see things differently than most people. I'm not what most would call a 'normal' person... but finding those tiny nuances is what I do best. Some people see the BIG picture, I love the small.

Thanks for reading, and if you care to see other shots that aren't currently on sale here (although I would be happy to re-arrange my for sale list), or you can find them at (just a side note, the thumbnails on facebook tend to get cropped, so please click through the album for the best views).

Thanks again,

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Tied in knots by Vicky Mowrer


Lets Play by Vicky Mowrer


Silver linings by Vicky Mowrer


The huntress by Vicky Mowrer


Snow fort by Vicky Mowrer


Mossy shed by Vicky Mowrer


Oak seedling by Vicky Mowrer


Lone leaf by Vicky Mowrer


Flowers In The Sky by Vicky Mowrer


Smile by Vicky Mowrer


The cornerstone of life by Vicky Mowrer


By the beach by Vicky Mowrer


Finished by Vicky Mowrer


Desert lily by Vicky Mowrer


Sky dolphins by Vicky Mowrer


Flying dolphins by Vicky Mowrer


Sky splashing dolphin by Vicky Mowrer


River Ice by Vicky Mowrer


Waterfall by Vicky Mowrer


Delany park shed by Vicky Mowrer


Right angles by Vicky Mowrer


Troll bridge by Vicky Mowrer


Rock Park Aurora Co by Vicky Mowrer


Heavy snow and berries by Vicky Mowrer

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