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Virginia Pakkala

Newfield, NY - United States








Virginia Pakkala

Newfield, NY - United States

Virginia Pakkala - Fine Artist

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About Virginia Pakkala

*** COPYRIGHT NOTICE*** ALL MY ART PIECES ARE REGISTERED COPYRIGHT WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Virginia Pakkala. The purchase of any of my prints do not transfer reproduction rights. The Watermark of FAA that now appears on each of my work will not show on any finished print.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Virginia , however all my friends and family call me by my nickname ' Ginny ' .

I would like to take a few moments to allow you to get to know me. I am a mother, housewife, master gardner and last but not least, a photographer.

I have been a gardner and landscaper for most my adult life. Four years ago I decided to invest in a better camera, A Sony cybershot, which allowed me to take pictures of my extensive gardens. This is when I fell in love with photography. I began to carry it eveywhere with me. My Sony took great pictures but I recently decided to purchase a semi-professional camera because I wanted to share all the beauty that I experience everyday.

I had also realized that I had a keen 'knack' and 'eye' for natural beauty. It felt so natural and really comfortable to be behind the lens of the camera. Every shot of course is not a 'keeper' but then there is that one shot that seems to scream out, 'Wow, that is what I wanted to capture, awesome!'

I have taken day long hikes in the many gorges Ithaca is well known for. I have hiked miles in the woodlands, creeks, streams and around the lakes that are so rich in my surrounding area. For those of you that do not live around here , you cannot imagine the beauty. I have found 'hidden' falls and ponds of unimagineable beauty that few, if any, have had the pleasure of capturing. 'Virgin' lands have become a deep passion and yearning for me. Although, it is true, I have photos of the infamous gorges and State Parks of Ithaca, hence our slogan, 'Ithaca is gorges', I too, have many photos of unknown areas that offer you sheer beauty and a sensse of peacefulness. These are only a few of the emotions I hope to share with you in your visit today.

So pull up a chair or anything else that makes you comfortable grab a beverage and relax and enjoy your next moments of beauty that I will share with you. I hope that you all feel the pleasure that I so intensely felt as I walked amongst nature. May you feel and smell the air, experience the peace and hear the sounds that are so rich within each photo.

Maybe . . . .just maybe, I will inspire some of you to grab your camera, jump in the car or on a bike or on a horse and venture out to a place where you think there just might be a hidden oasis!

If I have given anything to those that are taking the time to visit my site, which I much appreciate, I hope and pray that I have given you a sense of love. I truly hope that I leave you feeling peaceful, content and reunited with Mother Earth.

God Bless,


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Pretty bird by Virginia Pakkala


Pretty bird by Virginia Pakkala


Chickadee 5 by Virginia Pakkala


Bandit by Virginia Pakkala


Chickadee three by Virginia Pakkala


Junco by Virginia Pakkala


Twosome by Virginia Pakkala


Chickadee two by Virginia Pakkala


Chickadee by Virginia Pakkala


Peach Blossom by Virginia Pakkala


Blossoms by Virginia Pakkala


Cherie by Virginia Pakkala


Miss Red Bee by Virginia Pakkala


Stickup by Virginia Pakkala


Purple Fling by Virginia Pakkala


Bluebells by Virginia Pakkala


Leaf Abyss by Virginia Pakkala


Red Lady by Virginia Pakkala


Flame by Virginia Pakkala


Aftermath by Virginia Pakkala


Bird Series Eight by Virginia Pakkala


Bird Series Six by Virginia Pakkala


Bird Series Five by Virginia Pakkala


Bird Series Four by Virginia Pakkala

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   |   Images = 511





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