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Wanphai Nongrum

Shillong, Meghalaya - India








Wanphai Nongrum

Shillong, Meghalaya - India

Wanphai Nongrum - Fine Artist

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About Wanphai Nongrum

My name is Wanphai Nongrum. I am an artist, teacher and social worker devoted to working creatively with children, adults and elders for the strengthening of community and the betterment of the civil society. I wish to continue my engagement in the child and youth development sector by offering my skills and diverse work experience to create, teach and implement programs that focus on giving free reign to the inherent potential in every young person. By working with adults, who in turn work with children, I see myself building supportive structures to allow these possibilities in young people to be nurtured over time. My area of interest lies in teaching, leading and managing transformative learning processes with young people and adults.

In my teaching journey I have seen children open up doors in themselves and look beyond their present circumstances to a path of possibilities. I have seen them look within themselves and discover deep inner revelations of truth about their lives. Along the path I have witnessed children’s abilities to understand the need to change and improve their quality of life. I have seen children learn to express themselves with courage and strength through a process of sharing and listening. They have discovered new stepping stones and an inspired commitment to envision their future for themselves. This process has helped children take responsibility for their lives and for their community as a whole.

ART & COMMUNITY WORK: Art has always guided my journey. In this journey and through my work, I have created a life of meaning for myself and I have been able to guide children and youth in helping them discover themselves anew. Something is born . . . Something is emerging! Through artwork, I have seen children feel a sense of meaning and belonging for the first time where their identity was fully accepted by their peers, themselves, and people around them. The journey gave each child the freedom to share fully and to realize their desire to be heard.

ZENTANGLE ART (www.zentangle.com): I am very grateful to have recently discovered and pursued developing skills in ZENTANGLE. ZENTANGLE states “Anything is possible…One stroke at a time.” The meditative nature of ZENTANGLE allows me to reflect on my day-to-day life experiences. It also provides me with a new way of expressing myself deep from within. In it, I experience a sense of meaning and belonging and it gives me the freedom to express my inner being with patience. The journey through ZENTANGLE has guided me to discover the right direction and meaning for my life. ZENTANGLE has acted as a force that shapes and changes my own life patterns. I would like to offer these transformative tools to others. It is creative, stimulating, healing, and accessible to everyone.

• NGOs – Wide range of workshops, trainings, & professional development for staff , youth workers, volunteers
• Teachers - in Schools and Self Help Group settings
• Children - in Schools, Orphanages, Blind Youth, Street Children, Children effected by natural disaster, Tribal Children, Children of fisherman, washermen & cobblers
• College Students

• Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Nepal, Shillong, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Dehradun, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat.

• Leadership Development
• Children, Identity & Self Awareness
• Team building & Peace making
• Youth and Disabilities
• Drug Awareness and Street Children
• Decision Making, Emotional Survival and Street Children
• Challenges faced by the Self Help Group

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