Warrior Danika - Fine Artist

Warrior Danika

Everett, WA - United States








Warrior Danika

Everett, WA - United States

Warrior Danika - Fine Artist

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About Warrior Danika

Warrior Danika is a Digital Cyber Artist with over 20 years experience. This visionary creates vivid Surrealistic and Fantasy Fine Art. Warrior Danika was raised in the outskirts of Seattle, spending her early years playing in the woods where she gained a rich appreciation for a living breathing forest fantasy world. Being left behind at birth by her Celtic Gypsy clan, deep within the trees was where she felt at home most, a sanctuary where she found peace in her solitary existence.

It was her great love for the tranquillity the wilderness created that fanned a flame of passion in her heart. She spent her childhood among old growth trees, sheer cliffs, delightful animated creatures, and hidden bodies of water. The most perfect of all days was when the wind would whip through the trees, creating a rushing symphony of wonder, a delight to her senses. This, was when life felt perfect in every way.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, surrealism and fantasy are a long time passion of this unique Photoshop Digital Cyber Artist. Every fine art piece is layer upon layer of elaborate stories with both hidden and obvious depiction. Beautifully finished prints that are always taking you on a positive, quirky, unexpected journey.

Also known as Digital Painting, Cyber Art is taking hundreds of images and many hours to build the images in Warrior Danika’s Cyber Fine Art pieces. From large photos blended together to create scenes that did not previously exist, to tiny images, shadows and paint brushes all skilfully manipulated with attention to the finest delicate details in created in Photoshop.

Ready to frame vivid digital prints, this form of art is used to bring glimpses of hope and passion into peoples’ lives, elaborate stories of triumph and strength, surprising worlds where almost anything is possible!

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