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WB Johnston

Summerside, PE - Canada








WB Johnston

Summerside, PE - Canada

WB Johnston - Fine Artist

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March 5th, 2012







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About WB Johnston

Welcome to the imagination of renowned Artist, W.B. Johnston. Well known in the past for his work in airbrush art, WB now uses photography and digital wizardry to bring his visions to life. WB's passions for guitar, nature, textures and more can be seen in the creations you will find here. As you proceed on your journey through the works you find here, you will continue to be surprised and amazed by the astounding variety of subjects and images on display.

W.B. Johnston's artwork has been sought out by a diverse array of clients, including; The National Geographic Society, Microprose Software, Bristol Aerospace, Sadlier Publishing, General Media, Rogers Publishing, Labatt Breweries, Scholastic Publications, McGraw Hill Publishing, Penthouse Magazine and many others. W.B.'s work has illuminated advertisements, textbooks, magazine, packaging, web sites, signage and more. (He even illustrated the cover of Stephen Hawking's 'The Cambridge Lectures'…take that Sheldon!)

For many years, W.B. was known for his eye catching airbrush illustrations. With the coming of the digital age, W.B. traded in his trusty airbrushes for a computer, using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter in place of paint. W.B. Johnston's creative imagery has translated well to the new media, elevating W.B. to the pinnacle of Photoshop artistry.

WB's artwork has been honoured by The Japan Creators Association, Airbrush Action, G.D.I.C., C.A.P.I.C., and others, appearing in shows and annual volumes produced by these organizations.

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Western Light by WB Johnston


Drift Colour by WB Johnston


Driftgoggles by WB Johnston


Driftlight by WB Johnston


Drifteye by WB Johnston


Rusty Can by WB Johnston


Chevrolet by WB Johnston


Salarium by WB Johnston


Tree Blossom 2 by WB Johnston


Tree Blossoms by WB Johnston


Links 2 by WB Johnston


Knuckle by WB Johnston


Lock Pin by WB Johnston


Workings by WB Johnston


Canada Steamship Lines by WB Johnston


Ambush by WB Johnston


St. Patrick's Church 2 by WB Johnston


Rust Rings by WB Johnston


St. Patrick's Church by WB Johnston


Lobster Boats by WB Johnston


Milligan's Wharf by WB Johnston


Twin Peaks by WB Johnston


Spring Assembly by WB Johnston


Spring Colours by WB Johnston

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   |   Images = 1515





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