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Wendy Smith

Rochester, MN - United States








Wendy Smith

Rochester, MN - United States

Wendy Smith - Fine Artist

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About Wendy Smith

I have always been a creative person and I started drawing at young age. I grew up in Owatonna, Mn where I was always busy doing something creative. I sewed dresses for my dolls and made swimming pools for my little people in the sand box I spent hours making little indian villages out of paper, and I loved making greeting cards. I think I learned to be creative from my father who was always making something, and still to this day is very creative. It wasn't until college that I discovered my tue love of art.
At the age of 19 I started painting. I am primarily self taught but I took several art classes in college from drawing to painting and even ceramics. I did a small gallery show at the college. My professor gave me very high recomendations. I did not know what I wanted to do for a career at that time and I was undergoing some really big changes in my life. I realized I had an abusive addiction to drugs and Alchol and needed some help. I began to straighten out my life with the help of God and a local church. I gave my life and Heart to Jesus Christ. I decided to quit school to focus on my recovery and to try to discover who I was and what I wanted out of life.
After leaving school I soaked up as much knowledge about the Bible and God as I could. I began to sing and was given a guitar . I taught myself how to play and became part of the church worship team. I began pouring out my creativity though my music. I did not focus much on my artwork or painting.
I then found the love of my life and we married. He encouraged me to draw and doodle. My husband Chuck is still my main source of encouragement! I continued with the worship team and became more creative by finding my passion for creating things by scarpbooking and making jewelry. I got better at the jewelry I made and started selling it through craftsales. Though I sporadically painted, It was not until I was about 32 years old that I started to paint again seroiusly. I began studing art books and painting every spare minute I had. I realized that I had laid down something that I was once very passionate about! I began to see a growing interest in the Christain body of believers for inspirational artwork. In my own worship time, I began to paint also. I do worship painting and prophetic paintings. Meaning as I worship I feel and allow the Holy Spirit to flow through me and move me to paint certain colors or shapes.
I have a real love of photography as well. You will find many photos that I have taken here at FAA as well.
I currently live in Rochester, MN. I am a worship leader at a small church. I also co-own and operate a residential cleaning business with my husband.
I hope you will find my artwork enjoyable and may it bless you. Please feel free to view my jewelry and art at www.wendess.com

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Reciprocity by Wendy Smith


Swimming upward by Wendy Smith


Sunshine fish by Wendy Smith


Standing alone by Wendy Smith


Amber Morning by Wendy Smith


Water effect by Wendy Smith


Woodland Theatre by Wendy Smith


First Light by Wendy Smith


Wave of Embrace by Wendy Smith


Autumn Stream by Wendy Smith


Hoping in the Night by Wendy Smith


Tree of Promises by Wendy Smith


Tenacity by Wendy Smith


Teaming with Life by Wendy Smith


Secret Forest by Wendy Smith


Bursting Forth by Wendy Smith


Hope tree by Wendy Smith


Industree by Wendy Smith


Casting a line by Wendy Smith


Golden Forest by Wendy Smith


Marshmallow roasters by Wendy Smith


Winter bubble tree by Wendy Smith


Summer Green bubble tree by Wendy Smith


Lipstick pink bubble tree by Wendy Smith


Yellow bubble tree by Wendy Smith


Wishing upon a Star by Wendy Smith


Place of Rest by Wendy Smith


Song tree by Wendy Smith


Art Washes by Wendy Smith


Catching Fireflies by Wendy Smith


In the Stillness by Wendy Smith


Moonlight Swinger by Wendy Smith


Moonlit Melody by Wendy Smith


Sweet Release by Wendy Smith


Created Left by Wendy Smith


Created Right by Wendy Smith


Butterfly Night by Wendy Smith


Dream Tree by Wendy Smith


The Singer and the Song by Wendy Smith


Burning up the Violin by Wendy Smith


The Blues Guitar by Wendy Smith


Warmth by Wendy Smith


Love Tree Purple by Wendy Smith


Family Tree by Wendy Smith


Flight of Fancy by Wendy Smith


Swallows by Wendy Smith


Leaning by Wendy Smith


Hope Birds by Wendy Smith

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