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White Buffalo

Terrell, TX - United States








White Buffalo

Terrell, TX - United States

White Buffalo - Fine Artist

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April 14th, 2007







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About White Buffalo

White Buffalo Designs Gallery
I do not believe in blantant personal self-promotion, with pictures & personal
Just trying to make an honest income from creative skills.
The wearable artwork here should speak for itself to those with an interest.

If you think the price is too high on a piece you like; make an offer please.

The main artist is part Cherokee, not registered with a Federally recognised tribe.
The law requires that you be told this. The crafts shown are considered by our government
to be reproductions when crafted by an artist they refuse to recognise as having native
The artist works predominately with turquoise, in all colors, with lots of silver.
Many other semi-precious stones are also used in numerous pieces for everday wear.
Artist also produces native style crafts such as medicine bags, belt pouches,
breastplates and more from deeerskin, elkhide , bone and horn with various stone & metal

If you wish to see more work by this artist and several others; please go to http://www.yessy.com/whitebuffalo
which is a co-op gallery of like minded friends.
Several 'show pieces' are regalia-style pieces, including many 'totems'
Styles encompass southwestern, victorian, traditional native american, tribal and more .
Many are wearable both casual & dressy.

Currently there is a very special guest artist featured.
This artist is of Onedaga heritage and very talented.
Currently listed : Fancy Totem Medicine Bags, Sacred Feathers and Painted Hide Medicine Bags
are all by this artist.
Future listing may include some unique dance sticks and feather hair ties.

There are other crafters work availble by request.
Custom moccisins
Custom deer/elk warshirts, dresses and leggings.
Custom carved totems in horn, ivory and stone.
Cedar flutes and dance rattles

Custom orders are welcome.
If you have a personal totem you wish made up in a particular piece please email .
I will do my best to create something just for you.

If you do not see the style, stones or colors you prefer, just ask.

Custom Silversmithing can be accomadated, by special order.
We have enlisted the crafting skills of another Native American artist to fill this
need. Currently able to offer simple silver setting for finished cabs , teeth and
claw caps and similar small items. Please message with what you need and a
picture of the item to be set.. will get a quote back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your viewing and any comments you wish to impart.

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Crystal Fox Medicine Bag by White Buffalo


Red Fox Medicine Bag by White Buffalo


CrossFox Medicine Bag by White Buffalo


4 Frogs Totem necklace by White Buffalo


Lg Wolf Moose Medicine by White Buffalo


White Buffalo Medicine by White Buffalo


Kokopelli The Flute Player by White Buffalo


Plume Agate Bag by White Buffalo


Snowflake Obsidian Cab on Deerskin by White Buffalo


OOAK Horse Medicine bag by White Buffalo


OOAK White TQ Buffalo Tooth Medicine bag by White Buffalo


OOAK Horse-fetish Medicine bag by White Buffalo


Blushing Wild Horse Magnesite by White Buffalo


Zuni Bear Necklace by White Buffalo


OOAK Standing Bear Totem Choker by White Buffalo


Natural TQ Pebbles and Red Coral by White Buffalo


Large Carved Feather Choker by White Buffalo


Wolf Totem choker by White Buffalo


Bear Claws Faceted Turquoise by White Buffalo


Hunter Totem by White Buffalo


White Buffalo Turquoise by White Buffalo


Sleep. Beauty and Tiny Butterflies by White Buffalo


Sleeping Beauty and Amber bracelet by White Buffalo


Small TQ Rds and Magnesite Rondels by White Buffalo

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   |   Images = 74





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