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William Cain

La Quinta, CA - United States








William Cain

La Quinta, CA - United States

William Cain - Fine Artist

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About William Cain

William Cain born Pasadena,Ca. a soul from the Sixties who picked up the philosophy of Dualism, Occams razor, Zen ,The Spirit of Tao, The Teachings of The Buddha ,The Book of the Secrets(Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh),Plato and Aristotle, Sexual Astrology and a few other bits and pieces from my travels around this world and galaxies far away .I may get tired but I am never bored except by boring self indulgent humans. I have hopes that our pleasant memories will follow our spirit/soul into the great beyond. www.williamcain.com As an artist who has worked in various mediums and different fields of art, I have found that working with simple forms, shapes and the use of chiaroscuro (light and dark) style of painting has enabled me to capture the basic elements of life and the world I have lived in. Although I have had many influences for my art this series, which I call (THE VILLAGE LIFE/SLICE of LIFE SERIES) comes from the 15 years I spent as a fashion model, T.V. actor, illustrator and being lucky enough to travel to various locations in the world. I would often find myself on location in a rural setting modeling some well known designers clothes but placed among the working people of the environment. I always enjoyed the way people would react and sometimes interact with the photo shot as if they were posing themselves. The images that attract me are those, which are people in their daily chores, and surroundings .I tried to capture both a whimsical and yet a sensitive slice of life which is ageless. I have chosen to leave my subjects featureless so as to allow the viewer to project their own imagination onto the rainbow of characters in my paintings. I hope you get both a sense of (deja vu) and joyfulness when viewing my artwork and would like to add my art to your environment and collection. Oh by the way did I mention I paint with my fingers.
Yours truly,William Cain /www.williamcain.com artistcain@aol.com and check out my Facebook page to see what goes through an artist mind. https://www.facebook.com/artistwilliamcain
All images 1989-2013 William Cain. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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Vespa and French Cove by William Cain


Wine Pressing 2 by William Cain


Tuscany Wine Poster Art Print by William Cain


PORTOFINO Art print by William Cain


Villaggio Cain Art Print by William Cain


Flower Girl Art Print by William Cain


Vegetable Lady Wall Art by William Cain


Bread by William Cain


MOUNTAIN VILLAGE Art print by William Cain


Slice Of Life 2 Provence by William Cain


Wedding On Barge by William Cain


Le Dome by William Cain


Rice Pullers by William Cain


Old Man On Bridge by William Cain


Little Black Dress by William Cain


Two Women And Village Sheep by William Cain


Tuscan Fields by William Cain


Wedding Holding Hands by William Cain


Vespa And French Cove by William Cain


Le Provence by William Cain


Washing Clothes At Canal by William Cain


Twins On Bridge by William Cain


Green Canals by William Cain


Old Ruins Flower Girl And Sheep by William Cain

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