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Xenia Sease

Boulder, CO - United States








Xenia Sease

Boulder, CO - United States

Xenia Sease - Fine Artist

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About Xenia Sease

Born in the Philippines, Xenia was heavily involved in the arts from an early age, but it was the performing arts– singing and dancing for large audiences. In quiet moments, she would look inward to the visual arts. Expressing with her hands through drawing, painting and crafting was a diversion that allowed her to be more peaceful and contemplative. When she moved to Southern California as a teenager, her singing and dancing continued, but she never lost the love of creating with her hands.

Upon entering college, Xenia decided to explore her visually creative side more deeply, studying fine arts and graphic design. She furthered her art education through workshops with prominent artists such as Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Doug Dawson. She participates in group and juried exhibitions and has garnered awards for her paintings. She also enjoys volunteering her creativity in local community art projects and has served as a board member of the Boulder Art Association in Colorado, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for local artists and promoting visual art in the community.

Though Xenia enjoys creating many types of art, pastel painting is foremost her art form. She is a contemporary realist painter, often inspired by strong contrasts found in the interplay of light and shadow, vivid colors and dramatic shapes as well as in the juxtaposition of natural and human elements.

Artist Statement:
“I believe art is a vehicle to inspire emotion and awe, to make one feel more alive and celebrate one’s humanity. My intention as a realist painter is to not merely capture the likeness of my subject, but to strive to convey its inherent beauty and give it life on a two dimensional surface. I find the process and challenge of creating the details that infuse life into an image engaging and wholly immersive. As the whole image unfolds, I am rewarded with a sense of reliving the inspirational moment of my initial discovery that connected me to it. A single flower or a vast landscape can give one a sense of pleasure, excitement, peace or wonder. To capture and share the beauty that abounds and to elicit an emotional response within another soul are what sustain me as an artist.”

I also teach art classes: kids summer art camps, group & birthday party classes, and private lessons. To see my art classes (if scheduled), please click on 'Events' or email me for more information.

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A Moment of Curiosity by Xenia Sease


Coot Lake Reflections by Xenia Sease


Morning at Red Rocks by Xenia Sease


A Highway to the Rockies by Xenia Sease


Homegrown Peppers by Xenia Sease


Peared by Xenia Sease


Hilltop Homes by Xenia Sease


Twilight House by Xenia Sease


Shining Through by Xenia Sease


Light Beyond the Arch by Xenia Sease


Last Light Last Snow by Xenia Sease


Autumn Shadows by Xenia Sease


October Light by Xenia Sease


Turning on the Edge by Xenia Sease


Rocky Mountain Stream by Xenia Sease


Golden Glow at Dusk by Xenia Sease


Monument Valley- Haze by Xenia Sease


Monument Valley- Sunlit by Xenia Sease


Monument Valley- Overcast by Xenia Sease


Monument Valley- Impending Storm by Xenia Sease


Monument Valley 1 by Xenia Sease


Path Marker by Xenia Sease


Under the Clouds by Xenia Sease


Boulder Foothills Sunset by Xenia Sease

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