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Yesi Casanova

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Yesi Casanova

Hillsboro, OR - United States

Yesi Casanova - Fine Artist

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About Yesi Casanova

My love and passion for art shows in my pieces. I put into canvas all I want to express, all I want to change about the world, and all my experiences, my dreams and my deep thoughts. I really don't have the words to express what painting means to me only by painting you a picture which would contain all the joy and excitement, the love and sometimes the fear I feel within me, which is in all of us too, and that way express myself because as I said, words don't really have a lot of meaning to me, but I'll do my best.

I have been painting since I was very young. Back in Venezuela, where I was born and raised, I tried getting a formal education in art, but I just didn't want to ' start from the beginning', I wanted go full into creating what I thought I already knew. So as you can imagine, teachers didn't like that. Every class I would start, teachers wanted to start by painting/ drawing fruits or vegetables and I refused to do it, even now after all these years, I have never painted a fruit or vegetable, I thought it was the most boring thing on earth!. I wanted to paint portraits of people, landscapes, the ocean, the human figure, their expressions, their faces. That's what I wanted to do then and that's what I do now.

I paint about love and passion, about Interracial relationships. My Interracial Gallery is a tribute to my heritage and multicultural upbringing. It is a subject that has been ignored in the artworld for very long and I feel the responsibility, as an artist, to change that. I started the collection in 2010 and plan to create as many pieces as I can to infuse the artworld with my Interracial Art, my Interracial Love.

Thanks very much for visiting my page! Peace and Love to all.

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Hidden by Yesi Casanova


Joe and Jess by Yesi Casanova


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Jungle Nymph by Yesi Casanova


Vikings Discover America - Interracial Lovers Series by Yesi Casanova


The Crying Flag - La Bandera que Llora by Yesi Casanova


My Beauty Sleeping by Yesi Casanova


Crown Chakra by Yesi Casanova


Margarita by Yesi Casanova


My Black-Eye Susans by Yesi Casanova


Faeryland by Yesi Casanova


Irises in Motion by Yesi Casanova


Hope in Hell - Michael Archangel Series by Yesi Casanova


Wish He Was Here by Yesi Casanova


Jenny and Rene - Interracial Lovers Series by Yesi Casanova


Bella Griselle in Cayo Sombrero Island by Yesi Casanova


The Devil's Advocate by Yesi Casanova


In Love by Yesi Casanova


Apollo and Daphne by Yesi Casanova


Wild Red Poppies by Yesi Casanova


Michael - Michael Archangel Series by Yesi Casanova by Yesi Casanova


Fear by Yesi Casanova

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