Yun Qing Fu - Fine Artist

Yun Qing Fu

Moncton, New Brunswick - Canada








Yun Qing Fu

Moncton, New Brunswick - Canada

Yun Qing Fu - Fine Artist

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October 23rd, 2013







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About Yun Qing Fu

I can't remember a time when I didn't take photographs. It seems as if I always had a camera at my fingertips. I have thousands of photos some poor and some great. I am showing you here some of my favorite photos but I will let you decide if they are great.

I have traveled the world and I am still traveling. I live in Moncton Canada and Beijing China. I was a College English teacher in my early years and later worked for China's National Film Museum. Photography as been a passion of mine and I find myself in a position to devote a great deal of time to it.

I love taking photos because they preserve memories in great detail and all the beauty in this world that sometimes only last a moment. I feel lucky and privileged to be able to find those special moments. I try to capture these times so you can see what I see through the eye of the camera.

Thank you for viewing my photography and hopefully you like it enough to purchase a piece or two:)

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A single Rose by Yun Qing Fu


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Up Rooted by Qing


Shag Rocks Shed by Qing


From Blue To Gray by Qing


Angel Over Shag Rocks by Qing


Shag Rocks Man by Qing

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