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Yvette Mey

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa








Yvette Mey

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Yvette Mey - Fine Artist

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About Yvette Mey

Yvette Mey. Eastern Cape artist.

Yvette Mey was born in Johannesburg and raised in Natal. There her love for the ocean was founded. To Yvette this is where mystery and adventure joins in the mass of power, moods and colours.
Her husband and 3 daughters spent 13 years in the Pilansberg at Sun City. Her love and appreciation for the African wild was firmly established in this wild life paradise. Yvette started her art career here in the tourist Mecca of South Africa. She now lives in Port Elizabeth with her husband, son and daughter.

Date of Birth: 03 10 1963

Studied at the Johannesburg School of Art

Yvette has had observation training of oil painting restoration and art conservation under Anthony Keogh, art restorer of the Nelson Mandela Art Museum. Yvette is an avid art conservation enthusiast and knows this is where her heart lies.

Art training done with Robert McKenzie.

Yvette Mey works from her gallery Art & Antiques Gallery & framers.
God’s creation inspires Yvette. Master artists of the past are a huge inspiration too. Owning an art gallery, Art & antiques, is ideal for all the inspiration necessary. The rich knowledge that is gained from observation is boundless.
Yvette works mainly in oils and mixed medium on canvas.

Yvette has taken part in various joint exhibitions held in Port Elizabeth through the years of living there. Kyler st Gallery, EPSAC, River Road Gallery, Marbere Gallery and Montage Gallery.

There are various collections of her work. The Sun City hotel has a collection. The Paul Kruger House in Limpopo has a series of Yvette’s charcoals. Ken Denton of PE has water colour paintings of Yvette’s made into a coffee table book; the Sun International Boardwalk in PE has a collection of water colours of Yvette’s on their walls. Private collections in Australia, Texas and New Zealand.

Contact details:
Yvette Mey

Cell No: 082 653 4444
Address: 31A 8th Avenue Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Email: braveheart.mey@gmail.com

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In the Grass by Yvette Mey


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before the Show at the Opera House by Yvette Mey


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Nasturtiums by Yvette Mey


Angel by Yvette Mey

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