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Zach Arychuk

Vancouver, BC - Canada

Zach Arychuk - Fine Artist

Zach Arychuk

Member Since: 06/24/2013

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Like any person who is told to write about themselves, the thought alone is daunting. The execution is crippling, and the balls it takes to get honest is something I believe only a few brave souls can accomplish. Maybe its my own life that gives me these fears but when asked to provide a biography I feel the need to not misrepresent myself and become open and forthcoming.
I found something I wrote as an answer to a question asked by a friend and mentor.

Q: 1) find an artists who to you has a compelling artist statement:
2) tell me why:

this was my answer:

Assignment #5:
1) Links for other artists statements:
I have no doubt that anyone will feel some sort of emotional uplifting from this mans story. His story has affected me the most because it was him who gave me the inspiration to take me from just an average male his mid 20's with no direction or passion in life, to an aspiring young man who wants nothing but the ability to have a massive studio where I can lay out this 100ft. x100 ft. canvas to spend a lifetime creating and conveying my feelings and messages onto it almost like a visual narrative for people experience for themselves.
I know that this may give you a completely 'abstract' view of me as a person but I am an individual who is known to police as a associate to several organized crime groups and have been arrested, charged, and convicted of an indictable offense to which I served 2 years in a New Zealand Prison and subsequently was deported back to Canada.Today that lifestyle has no place in my life, but prior to those events I had never been involved in the thought, preparation, execution and delivery of my own art at all.
In the early hours of the morning I religiously watching the BBC, because it was one of the only sources that I could access on New from Canada. I was homesick and due to being cut off from society would spend a lot of nights watching what was happening back home. On one of these nights there was an Expose about this Young Guy who was autistic who was shacking up the art scene.
Stephen Wiltshire would get flown in a helicopters around the city for a half hour and then placed in front of this huge sheet of paper and using only a Sharpie to illustrate the cityscape by memory. (I found this and thought it was kind of cool) He did this to such an impressive amount of detail that it made me emotional.
This 'artistic Rain Man' gave me the art infection as i like to call it for art. This was in 2010 before the Winter Olympics. It wasn't until January 2013 that I was given some free time and was open-minded enough to get a set of paints, brushes and construction paper from the dollar-store to actually create and display to only my girlfriend what I enjoy doing today.
The reason why I chose him and why it works for me is because Stephen too had hurdles to overcome in life and with support from someone else, helped him be the person he is today.
For me without the Loss of a role model/ best friend in April, 2012 and the encouragement of my girlfriend to go through with this, I might have never found what I was looking for. I had traveled to most places in the world I was interested in by the age of 23. I had made enough money to retire and invested a portion into a business that was then nothing, and is now today very successful. I had what on the outside looked appealing but on the inside was empty. It was art that reversed that and gave me the fulfillment inside, and then everything else, ie. Image, Finances and, Popularity... wasn't as detrimental to dictating 'me' as an individual.
I still like to dream today of what it would be like to see the world through the eyes of Stephen. To have the talent and gift so personalized to the individual that a set of 'white coats' could never duplicate. I'm OK with knowing that I am like him, special in my own ways and will impact or make my footprint on the world in my own way. I don't want to be like anyone else, I just don't want to loose who i am.

soo.... if you made it this far... my name is zach, its nice to meet you!

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