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Bursa, BURSA - Turkey

Zafer GUDER - Fine Artist

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About Zafer GUDER

Each photo is actually a part of life. Just by looking at it, it will lead us to the past, to that one moment. It remains a part of us. Or are loved ones.Taking pictures is living. Almost like breathing. Each photo represents a story as well as the people have a story. And as well,the photographer who takes the photo. I offer you a reflection of the lives that I witnessed. Each photo is in fact alive. They carry the story of the lives,of them.of you.and me.Enjoy me to take a look. What we can find in common in our life’s. Even when we dont know each other-dont speak the same language-and dont share the same belief.
Zafer GÜDER is born on the 28th of March 1975 in Germany, he was the son of a Turkish worker. As part of the circumstances of life, his family had to return to Turkey in 1986, he was forced to return also. He continued in Turkey the training process which began in Germany. Since the age of 13 he became interested in photography and video camera footage. His first camera is still saved properly. European countries have grown up seeing. He continues the business he started at age 19. Today he still works as a professional photographer at an official institution. The motto that everyone deserves a good life in the universe is what he in believes. For some period he wrote and published articles in a Dutch journal publication. Besides photograph he is also involved with literature, philosophy and psychology. With his undiscovered Poetry’s and short stories is Güder; a photographer who works with nature, landscape, portrait, model, product, catalog, bride-groom, as well as special day and night photography and also starts with documentary shooting.

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Dance Of The Waves by Zafer GUDER


Mystery by Zafer GUDER


Life Fatigue by Zafer GUDER


Cerenity by Zafer GUDER


Stone School by Zafer GUDER


Horses by Zafer GUDER


Innocent by Zafer GUDER


Pearl by Zafer GUDER


Painted Church by Zafer GUDER


Be Alone by Zafer GUDER


The Lake on the evening by Zafer GUDER


Old Coffee Machine by Zafer GUDER


Cats Family by Zafer GUDER


Message by Zafer GUDER


Night and Factory by Zafer GUDER


Purple Flowers by Zafer GUDER


Way in the Forest by Zafer GUDER


The Cat by Zafer GUDER


White Rose with Shadow by Zafer GUDER

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