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Zbigniew Rusin

Milton Keynes, Bu - United Kingdom

Zbigniew Rusin - Fine Artist

Zbigniew Rusin

Member Since: 04/03/2010

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With over a thousand art-prints sold to twenty-four countries around the world, Z.R.Rusin is one of the most popular artists, currently residing in Milton Keynes, England. Often featured in media for his outstanding visuals and designs, reaching across the decades and social backgrounds, he represents the younger generation of art creatives, aspiring for more.

Eye-catching and colourful designs by Mr Rusin were featured in 38 locations around central district of his adopted-home town of Milton Keynes, UK. Spanning above walkways of three main boulevards, between train station and shopping centre, stunning artworks served also as the backdrop for the Olympic Torch Relay in July 2012.

Previosuly: a very special poster art was published, celebrating the Olympic Flame coming to England in 2012, shown to the public during the 3-moth-long, exclusive sport heritage exhibition.

The artist

Z.R.Rusin is currently the best-selling artist in his home town of Milton Keynes, incl. its local county. Since September 2010 designer signs his successful creations and developments of refreshing poster art, representing uplifting messages projected through local, familiar to viewers elements.
Mr Rusin has entered the art-spotlight some five years ago, discovered by the press as the new and very promising talent from Milton Keynes, England. Ever since he's known for a number of outstanding designs that were sold across the world, inlcuding destinations on all continents.

Author of many interesting creations, ranging from decorative art to complete concept ideas and even artworks, supporting clearly business ventures. A natural-born artist, influenced by the Art Deco style and 20th Century travel poster art, his releases are so often used in press advertising as the ideal background for publicity.

The creator of the very visual series called 'Milton Keynes Art Deco Poster Collection', compromising of over a hundred stunning vintage-style posters devoted to fairly modern city. Also the very first artist allowed to use the official MK-city brand logo on his releases.

He's the most commented on and renowed artist from Milton Keynes, England. Many releases are featured on, a worldwide print-on-demand service with customs sales to various destinations in Europe and USA. Currently sold also by

The artist rarely exhibits his works, developing at the same time, some steadily-growing online sales and expanding variety of his merchandise offer.

Most recent copies of artwork sold to China PR, Germany, France, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and Canada.

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Zbigniew Rusin - Moonlight automobile

Moonlight automobile

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Race it

Race it

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Love Tango

Love Tango

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - The red coat

The red coat

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - DB4 Vintage Aston Martin
Zbigniew Rusin - 2012 Torch Relay In...

2012 Torch Relay In...

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Catwoman


Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Dogs In The Snow

Dogs In The Snow

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - The Old Map of New Town
Zbigniew Rusin - Crosswords and sudokus

Crosswords and sudokus

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - The Old Bookstore

The Old Bookstore

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Bonsoir Bordeaux

Bonsoir Bordeaux

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Jupiter Stallion

Jupiter Stallion

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Danser La Vie

Danser La Vie

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - At your service

At your service

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Great Marlene

Great Marlene

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Pig Brothers

Pig Brothers

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - God Save...

God Save...

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - The Queen of Snow

The Queen of Snow

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold

Zbigniew Rusin

Zbigniew Rusin - Weather Man

Weather Man

Zbigniew Rusin

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   |   Image Count = 110