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Isabella F Abbie Shores FRSA

4 Years Ago

I Have A New Poetry Book Out - Share Your Books

Elizabeth Edwards Realeases Her New Poetry Book Into The Dark

January 5th, 2013 - Manchester, UK

Elizabeth Edwards, more often known for her work promoting artists on her 1stAngel Arts Magazine ( has dipped her feet into the writing world by publishing her first small collection of dark poems,

Her work is almost gothic in its content, minus the fictional vampires but, containing darkness and evil, nonetheless.

'I led a very, erm, interesting life before coming back to art; said Elizabeth. 'I have taken from that life in my writing. Everything I write about I have some experience of'

The book contains 10 short poems and that may seem few but, you will find yourself reading these many times as they are very intense.

"Absolutely wonderful Beth. I feel the angst and the fear. A very emotional experience." David Lane
" Read them all twice, and I am impressed - you are a survivor indeed, my friend" Syd Baker

From exotic dancing to death by steel, I suggest you grab a copy for those late nights reading........


Share your books you have on on Blurb

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Bob Salo

4 Years Ago

My newest Blurb Book and 3 previous:

and this one that I collaborated on with Viet Tran ( my art / his wonderful poetry )

Going to read your new book Beth tom. as it's getting late here ;)


Catherine Howard

4 Years Ago

I ordered it tonight via the canadian blurb site...will have it by the 21st.


Kerri Mortenson

4 Years Ago

Mine aren't on Blurb either, but hope it's okay to post. Awesome Beth, with your first book!!

For those who like romance..

For those who would like something more spiritual...

For those who would like a blank inspirational journal to write something for themselves...


Wow!! I actually sold a book!!! Ok now I am dancing lol

thank you!

Yes, any book anywhere is okay to share :)))


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

Yay for you! I've not sold any - but I don't market them at all.


Catherine Howard

4 Years Ago

lol Beth... think it was my purchase... does that still count? hope so... you deserve lots of sales!!!


Mo T

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Beth :):):)




I'm looking through peoples books and really, really impressed.

Catherine...absolutely counts!!!!

Jeff, what got you into the marriage books?


Angela Castillo

4 Years Ago

I have a little book of poetry and short stories I published with Create Space a year ago. I've sold about 50 copies to friends and family, and a few at our local boostore. It's so much fun! Here's a preview story
And here is a link to the book:


Leanne Howie

4 Years Ago

Poetry is my second love and I know how it feels when someone else thinks it's worthy of attention. Congratulations on your new project and much success.


Natalie Holland

4 Years Ago

Well done, Beth! The best of luck to you! :)

Below is a link to Exotic Dreams, an art and poetry book I collaborated on with Viet Tran.


Maria Disley

4 Years Ago

Beth, Congratulations! I began reading your poems a couple of nights ago and was interrupted, it was late and they needed time, so didn't get back to them until this morning. I was incensed by the violence against a young woman, maybe even girl, and am so happy for you that you are in a loving and what seems equal, relationship now, I don't think any man would take you on anyway, the training that you have under your belt. The honesty was very fresh, few people write with such honesty, and in poetry it is easy to use disguised language. Well done. Should be a novel next! From what's in the news lately a novel about mysogyny would be well timed and an education for all.


Thank you so much, Maria. I was told when I first started writing them, not to place them 'out there'. But, I wanted people to see there is hope even in our darkest hours. If even one person sees that......job done.

Yes, Robin is a good man :)


Raffaella Lunelli

4 Years Ago

Beth, I am not able to appreciate your poems, due to language problems, unfortunately.
But I wish you success!

Here is my little book dedicated to the creatures that I love most!

Ciao, Raffaella


Xoanxo Cespon

4 Years Ago

I have not had read it yet but I will soon!!!

Here's my first poetry e-book: "Poetry Dreams, The Poetic Story Of An Awakening"

As the notes of a Spanish guitar turn into beautiful butterflies, a poetic story develops of an Awakening from a lifelong dream.

"Poetry Dreams, The Poetic Story Of An Awakening" is Xoanxo's first e-book. Xoanxo, an Artist and a Poet, mixes in this short story, poetry, dialogue, abstract and surreal scenery in a minimalist, spontaneous,expressive and free way. Heavily influenced by twentieth century Art, he mixes many styles, tendencies and genres to offer us his own and unique way of expression. He believes that "Originality" is the sincere expression of oneself and that is what he transmits in his works, raw sincerity, emotion, existentialism, realism, surrealism, abstraction, minimalism...all part of oneself but at the same time, all deprived of their "isms" to make them unique and very personal.

I am about to begin an illustrated version, where all those "isms" deprived of their "isms" tendencies may become a little clearer :-)


Olahs Photography

4 Years Ago


Your poetry is powerful and so heartfelt. Congratulations on your project and much success to you!!

Here is a link to my book on Blurb, "December Iris".
Olahs Photography


David Lane

4 Years Ago

I('m always going to do one ... tomorrow!


Clare VanderVeen

4 Years Ago

Beth, Congratulations!!! My very first book was a book of photos, both straight and enhanced taken in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. "Impressions of Yellowstone" (Two of my very favorite places) I also did one just using images taken in my backyard. "Backyard Browsings" Both were fun projects!


Maria Disley

4 Years Ago

Bob, just read your book which you collaborated on with Viet, really beautiful ! And interesting how it was arranged. :)


Congratulations, Beth.........just read the 'blurb', and am ordering asap after we move to the apt. , so it doesn't get lost in the post during our removal. WELL DONE !!!!!!


Thanks,'s a link to Viet's and our Latest Book....................."Shining Above The Rainbow".................great poetry & art.

(The back cover [red hearts,etc] is Viet's collage of my recent paintings, including the dedication to the poor girl whose life was taken)

It's a lovely, amazing 'read' and visual..........all welcome to have a look, thanks


As soon as I am better I will go through everyone boo Ka and t they all sound fantastic. Sorry I have not done so yetake a look.


So proud. My hardback copy arrived and is perfectly made


Angela Castillo

4 Years Ago

Your cover looks great! You must be so proud!


Mona Edulesco

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Beth! This is such a great Accomplishment! :)
I red the preview book and I love your're so talented in everything you create.
And the cover of the book looks very good, indeed. Sort of mysterious, In concordance to the title.

Congrats as well to all of you, I'm really impressed by your achievements!


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

4 Years Ago

Congrats, Beth!

I have several on LuLu:

Art Prints

"JOYFUL JEWELS" combines over 70 full-color photos of God's beautiful creation of flowers, combined with heartfelt meditations on the Joyful Mysteries of The Rosary (written by my father who led the daily Rosary at Church for 10+ years).


Sell Art Online

100% OF OUR PROFITS* FROM ALL SALES THROUGH OUR "STOREFRONT" WILL GO TO HELP THE POOR, HOMELESS, AND YOUNG SERVED BY ST. LUKE'S MISSION OF MERCY. "Works of Mercy" is an eclectic mix of Artistic and Literary works from 15 artists, brought together in collaboration to help raise money for charity. There are: 35 (8x10) lovely frameable Prints, 15 touching Poems (11 of which are 8x10 and frameable as well), 3 moving Essays, and several beautiful prayers, in "Works of Mercy".


Photography Prints

Touching meditations on the 20 Mysteries of The Rosary paired with over 100 lovely photographs. The Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Meditations were written by my father, Robert Santuci. He used them when he led the Rosary daily at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Hamburg, NY. The Luminous Meditations were written by me. In honour of my father Robert, and my mother Anna (who both went to their eternal reward in 2004 after 50 years of Marriage) a portion of all profits from the sale of this book will go to Life-Affirming Charities. There are many photos of local WNY Churches and Natural Wonders in this book, as well as many other lovely photographs.......


*** I'll post more in another post ***


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

4 Years Ago

Photography Prints

Western New York shares some beautiful views with those who visit there. "Snapshots of Western New York: Buffalo's Waterfront & Erie Basin Marina" shares some of those lovely views with you as 15 frame-able 8x10" photos which you can use to adorn your home, business, or anywhere! Why not buy 2 books: 1 to keep intact for your coffee table or bookshelf, and 1 to take the photos out and frame? At less than $2 a print, you can't go wrong!


Photography Prints

Niagara Falls shares beautiful views with all those who visit there. "Snapshots of Western New York: Niagara Falls & The Niagara River" contains 45 glorious examples of some of those lovely views - each as an 8x10 photo, which you can frame to adorn your home, business, or anywhere! Why not buy 2 books: 1 to keep intact for your coffee table or bookshelf, and 1 to take the photos out and frame? At less than $1 a print, you can't go wrong!



Rose Santuci-Sofranko

4 Years Ago

Last 2! These are available on Amazon in Paperback and E-Book format....the individual pictures in both of these books are available for sale here in my FAA Galleries.

Art Prints

In "The Bible Talks About: Love" what Sacred Scripture says about Love is beautifully illustrated by the bright graphic designs of Rose Santuci-Sofranko. Each of the 50, 5" x 7" pages, is frameable. Why not buy one copy to keep as a book, and another to frame the pictures/quotes?


Art Prints

In "The Bible Talks About: Flowers and Plants" the lovely floral photography of Rose Santuci-Sofranko beautifully illustrates what Sacred Scripture has to say about flowers, plants and gardens. Each of the 40+ quotes from the Bible are paired with a full-color photograph of a gorgeous flower. The flowers included in this book are: lilies (water, day, Easter, calla, asiatic), roses, orchids, flowering crab-apple, hyacinths, tulips, daisies (gerbera and ox-eye), hibiscus, black-eyed susan, bird of paradise, camellia, cleome, allysum, bleeding hearts, cosmos, jonquils, marigolds, nasturtiums, lantania, chrysanthemums, rose of sharon, poinsettias, sunflowers, zinnias, and ranunculus. This book would make a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one!



Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

I have no book to share.
But everytime I see this, I think of Beth; reading us all poetry , & tucking us in for the night. Lol
Congrats. & Best wishes : )


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

4 Years Ago

I went to go check out your book on Blurb but it said the site is "taking a siesta for maintenance"... Does it cost you anything to publish with Blurb?


Hi Beth, now we're settled in at new address...placed my order for your easy at Blurb (sad but true....shipping to Oz is prohibitive [twice the purch.price], so will be happy with softcover)..........hope others join me......... Cheers, Viva


Oh thank you!! Yes, I kept the price really, really ;low as I knew shipping would be high on top. Thank you for buying it :)


Robert James Hacunda

4 Years Ago

Very good Beth, thank you for sharing, I am impressed.....


Dancer is in it ;) Thanks RJ


Michael Hoard

4 Years Ago

Congrats Elizabeth, you are a creative genius, Brava, Brava, I too will purchase soon. Cheers, Michael Hoard


I want to thank Catherine SO MUCH for allowing me to use her testimonial. I will be adding this to my own site

I received your book of poetry in the mail a few days ago. Words are just not adequate to describe what I am feeling. I have read, re read and read again all of the poems. I have led a long, never dull, life and certainly never seemed to pick the 'safe' routes along the way but I could never express, as you have so brilliantly and so incredibly courageously, the emotions associated with some of these experiences. You have an unique and special gift for communication. My only wish would be that this could find it's way to a best seller list somewhere... there are so many people that would be grateful to read your powerful words... as I am. I will treasure this... thank you for writing it.


Robert James Hacunda

4 Years Ago

Dancer is a great piece Beth, I read it out loud to Penny last night but you have some equally powerful work in this.. Writing has always been a healing tool for me and your book is giving me inspiration to do one also..


That would be so good!


Xoanxo Cespon

4 Years Ago

I have just read your preview Beth and I have really enjoyed it!!! Poetry that seems to flow from a a nostalgic and melancholic rhythm, subtle fear, composed, no explosions of panic in the third person. I would say that it borders the existential were it not for its rhythm...I think this is because it's written in third person and somehow, even though you say you write from the heart of your own experiences, there seem to be two very different perspectives at play, the existential, yet nostalgic and melancholic that seem to be provided by the observer (the writer) rather than the "experiencer" who becomes a character of whose soul not much is revealed. It still offers a perspective often uncared for....sensitive, human...and with plenty of room for the reader's imagination!!!

Like all good things, so short that left me wanting more!!!

Thank you for sharing!!! Loved it!!!


Part of self protection is to stand outside look back and analyse see what happened, why, and to forgive yourself if not others.

Perhaps this standing outside its showing lol

Thank you xx


It's arrived !! And what a fine publication, words and images, Beth..........much is packed into this small , treasured edition.........I too am left wanting times I was very touched by your revelations, experiences...though in the third all rings true as it would, being from the heart and mind. Am thrilled to have this for my read and re-read. Cheers.


Thank you so much Vivian!

I am working on new poetry but,as you can imagine I have to be in a maudling, living in the past,frame of mind to write them and, well, I have been just too darn happy recently LOL


Stay happy, Beth..........maudling comes much later in life........but even I don't succumb.......too much to celebrate.

You poems aren't maudling though, may I say. They breathe of life's experiences.........but don't leave one hopeless. Keep going.


Angela Castillo

3 Years Ago

I just recently conderted my book to Kindle. It was free and didn't take very long. I am also sponsering a contest here:
I have generated alot of interest in my book here, might be something you all want to consider as far as marketing goes.


Xoanxo Cespon

3 Years Ago

On my post of the 8th of January I said...

"I am about to begin an illustrated version, where all those "isms" deprived of their "isms" tendencies may become a little clearer :-)"

Well, I am very pleased to say...Here it is!!!


Well done everyone :)

Xoanxo love your cover


Xoanxo Cespon

3 Years Ago

Thanks Elisabeth!!! Is that the only thing you've seen???


This discussion is closed.

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