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Wendy J St Christopher

2 Years Ago

Group Still Active?

Hi Patty,

Seems there hasn't been any activity here since November - I have several image 'Pending'.

I'm just wondering whether you intend to continue with this group?

Thank you. :-)

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Taylor Nichczynski

2 Years Ago

I was wondering the same thing Wendy :)


Margaret Saheed

2 Years Ago

Wendy and Taylor, I had been meaning to send Patty a PM for several weeks now on this subject! So I just sent one, also explaining that there was a similar question in the group discussions.



Hi, Taylor and Marg,

Guess we'll just wait and see!


Patty Vicknair

2 Years Ago

Yes it is still active just have been really busy I will get busy and add photos.


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