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David Bartsch

1 Year Ago

Watercolor Properties

Have you wondered what colors were transparent, opaque, staining, etc? I found a web site with this info finally. I played around a bit over the weekend and noticed that it holds pretty true to form. Now I need to learn how to use the properties to make a nice painting.

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Sandy McIntire

1 Year Ago

When I started painting, I realized how important this is, so I made a chart for myself. Some paints, like American Journey from Cheap Joe's, say whether they are transparent or opaque but others like Daniel Smith do not. This is invaluable information. Can you give us a link to the website? And thanks for sharing.


Sandy McIntire

1 Year Ago

Thanks, David. What a great site -- I recommend it to everyone. I really like that the site explains why watercolor is a medium that is very different from any others. I find it the most challenging and the most beautiful.


Geeta Biswas

1 Year Ago

Thanks David for the link !


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