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Marcio Faustino

2 Years Ago

How To Decide About The Price?

I really have no clue on how much would be a reasonable price for my traditional prints. I really need help.

They are 3x2in. and 2x1.5in about.

To make it more collectable and unique I was told to sell as limited edition, otherwise people will find it too expensive for the size if I charge only the frame cost price that is about 8 euro (= 10 dollars).

Do any of you have any experiences, thoughts, ideas to help me?

This is the website I am preparing to sell my prints:

PS: the frame and matt on the photo is not the one that is going to be sold with the photograph. The frames I ordered didn't arrive yet.

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Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

how hard are they to make? and just how original are they? first you have to add in all materials, then the work it takes to matte, glass and frame the work. if it's limited addition, you can jack the price up as long as it's signed and dated. $10 sounds way to low. new baseball cards are sold for more than that. what i would probably first do is, bring the print to a framer and ask how much it would cost to frame it up. so that's your starting point on how much you charge.

---Mike Savad


Marcio Faustino

2 Years Ago

Cheers Mike.


Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago

First Mike you baseball cards are that much now gee...

Factor in cost of frame and mat, the printing cost, labor, time and your talents. Only you know all these costs so hard to give you an exact price to charge.


Harry Lamb

2 Years Ago

You should visit some art shows to check prices on various sizes. Only make sure the work on display is original art work. If you are doing photography, you will find it tougher to move. Good luck!


Marcio Faustino

2 Years Ago

Thank you for the sugestion.


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