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Ericamaxine Price

3 Years Ago

To All Group Leaders And Artists

Some of you already do this, and I thank you but quite a few don't.

If you have a limit to how many pictures we can submit a day could you please add it in the name of the group to make it easier for us not to over submit.

I hope this can be done. I think it would help group leaders not having to delete the overage.

Does anyone agree?

Thanks for your time,

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Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

FAA should be implementing admin controlled limits shortly. Sean did promise he would go through my list early this year.

This was on it


Ericamaxine Price

3 Years Ago

Great! Thanks for the info.


Chuck De La Rosa

3 Years Ago

In my experience adding it to the group name wouldn't matter. Most of the people that ignore the imposed limits don't read the rules anyway and submit work that doesn't even match the group subject. Occasionally I'll get one that does follow the rules who will occasionally submit one or two over the limit, but they clearly don't do so to blast the group admin with work. That's no big deal, I let those slide.


Shana Rowe Jackson

3 Years Ago

I think it would be a good reminder when adding work if it was right in the title, you don't see the rules of a group when you are first uploading a piece to the site, only the titles of the groups you are in in a checklist. If you are in a lot of groups it is hard to remember what rules go to what group when all you have to go on is the title.

Better yet would be a setting that lets admins. limit how many a day each artist can add, like we have in contests.


Marcio Faustino

3 Years Ago

This is a great idea!


As one who does attempt to follow the rules... a number would be very helpful. And an apropos title to the group also. Some are so obscure that it is hard to remember what they are getting at. The price of standing out I guess.


Jeffrey Campbell

3 Years Ago

"...If you are in a lot of groups it is hard to remember what rules go to what group when all you have to go on is the title."

I've witnessed this statement more than once here on the Discussion Boards and am always amazed. Some people feel that just because they have joined more than one group that they are not responsible for their postings, i.e., following the set rules.

It is your responsibility to follow the rules, and the Administrators' responsibility to ensure the rules are enforced. If someone belongs to so many groups, that they are unable to remember or follow the guidelines, then it's time to remove themselves - because obviously it is too difficult.


Ericamaxine Price

3 Years Ago

Here I am again after a couple of months. Some groups tell us in the name the # you're allowed but so many have not. It would make it A LOT EASIER if the # was there. The reason I requested this is because it only has to be done once and would save a lot of time going through the groups we'd like to add to.
Jeff, I understand what you're saying but that wasn't my reason for requesting. Just wanted you to know.


Shasta Eone

3 Years Ago

Correct me if I'm wrong : I do believe that the admins of groups were recently able to set the limit ( thanks to Sean ) and with that, folks who over submit that number, the overage is simply rejected and won't go into the pending pool.

When a picture is rejected in this manner, you have to go back to the beginning: for submitting it to the group/s.

You may have to delete the check mark for the group, SUBMIT that, and then re-check ( choose ) the group / s to which you want it posted ( those from which the picture was rejected in this manner, and re- submit that change.


Ericamaxine Price

3 Years Ago

Nope.... doesnt work. I just added 4 pictures to a group that says 3 a day but it is not in their title which is why I requested it.

I think the best thing to do is email my groups and ask them to if they would do this.


Chuck De La Rosa

3 Years Ago

The group rules might say 3 per day, but if the admin didn't drop the list down in the group properties and set the hard limit you'll be able to submit more than 3.


Theresa Tahara

3 Years Ago

I belong to several groups and if I can't remember their rules, I look them up before submitting any pictures.


Ruth Clotworthy

3 Years Ago

Its A GREAT IDEA! I have most likely been guity on a few occassions of over submitting but at least when you are visually aware that in the title of the group it states the limit, you can manage to hopefully avoid the issue of over submittions :)


Shasta Eone

3 Years Ago


I'm sure that it is greatly appreciated: so few are willing to do that it appears.

It's rather a toss up as to WHO should be responsible ... for what.

[[ The limited number of characters allowed for group titles makes adding the number of submissions allowed .... inconsistent because the numbers would show in some group titles perhaps, but not all. Therefore, what Sean HAS put into place for the group admins, seems like the only solution. It does mean that the individual needs to check and read group rules. ]]


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