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Andy Heavens

1 Year Ago

Tweet Tweet!

Hello all

I joined twitter yesterday after spending years of denying its very existence...

So firstly, any tips for how to use it as a marketing tool?

Secondly, (and I know there are other threads, but hey let's start afresh!) please add your twitter links to this and I will promise to follow all. Can't say better than that!

Third and indeed finally.....the shameless plug......

Cheers peeps!

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The reason we keep to the one thread is because we have all already added our links there and given advice


Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

As far as i can tell, all Twitter does is bring in the bots


Eti Reid

1 Year Ago

Just followed you:)



J L Meadows

1 Year Ago

Agree with Roy.


Kathy Stiber

1 Year Ago

Pick me, pick me!

And please, I have NO idea how to do twitter or to tweet or whatever.


Andy Heavens

1 Year Ago

Thanks guys, have added.

Understand the bots issue, will keep an eye out... Thanks for the heads up!


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