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Crystal Wightman

3 Years Ago

The Surprising Bird

I have sold this Cardinal in person as an 8x10 framed print 3 times. Since the day I photographed the cardinal and decided to print it, my husband has told me he just doesn't like the photo. He says it's good with composition, lighting etc.. but something about it he just doesn't like. lol I don't take it personal. I know he loves my work in general and he supports me so much. We all have our own tastes. But I just can't help but laugh, the one photo I have printed that he doesn't like, I have sold more copies in person then any other photo.

I just wanted to share.
Just because someone you love and respect their opinion doesn't like your art, doesn't mean it's not good or it won't sell. :)

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Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

as long as an image is at least sharp with good color - someone will want it some day. its uncommon enough that it isn't a snap shot (because birds fidget). so chances are it would sell. i remember someone of cafepress sold like 30 clocks, because the bird they chose the company had the same name. i wouldn't have chosen it but someone liked it. and it's the same here, if you like it, post it, because you never know what will sell or when. sometimes it surprises you. like autumn stuff almost never sells, and yet it is.

so whenever someone says they don't like it, unless they can give a good answer why it's bad, you can toss their idea. as long as you like it, that's whats important.

---Mike Savad


Crystal Wightman

3 Years Ago

Well my husband says the only reason he doesn't really like the cardinal is cuz the cardinal is fat, he looks like he needs to go on a diet. lol But that's what happens when you shoot at different angles. With this bird, I was sitting on a bench and it landed in a nearby tree, so I was close and looking up, so it will appear far. lol


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

Crystal - I took a buch of photos of the local docks on a foggy day, and I left one out that my husband thought was "blah". A couple of weeks later, I re-thought that and posted it anyway because I like it. It was the one that got the most comments here after I posted it. So I know what you mean. You can ask for an opinion, but ultimately "go with your gut".


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

you don't want to see a really skinny bird, some birds puff up, usually to keep warm. ask him this - what looks better - a skinny snow man? or a chubby one?

fog rules by the way, it creates an air if mystery provided it's no so thick and you walk off the end. fog generates that unique look that can create depth and can also make the image have a minimal appearance. fog isolates and you can do many things with fog if your in the right area. an old pirate looking ship, a wreck that might be near by, etc. fog is kind of hard to find, usually i'm never in the right place for the stuff.

---Mike Savad


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

@ Mike - well we had three days of fog last fall that lasted well into the day - unusual for this area - but I live right down the street from the St. Clair River, so the fog looked really cool down at the docks.

And I agree with you about skinny birds LOL - Crystal, the colors in your photo are wonderful - the red cardinal against the blue sky. That's what attracts me personally to that photo.


Rich Franco

3 Years Ago


There are no "fat" birds!!! I would assume this was a cold day and he was just "fluffed" up to keep warm. I like it,



Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

Lol. Go shoot some more Crystal, that your husband doesn't like.


Roseann Caputo

3 Years Ago

Or he was puffing himself up to impress a lady. It is Spring after all.

I love Cardinals and I love their songs.


Loretta Luglio

3 Years Ago

Maybe be because you shot him from below rather than above or eye level. 0I think he's a cute little guy.


Brian Wallace

3 Years Ago

I'm not sure this matters in the case of your husband but you may consider the possibility... Certain intense shades of the colors RED and BLUE focus at different focal points and may be at the opposite extremes from one another. (I believe the blue that does this is a darker shade than your sky). Often some may get the feeling of a 3D effect when these are the only colors viewed. When these colors are used next to each other as text on a monitor with a black background, the red text will often seem closer to you then the blue. In your composition, the effect may be so subtle as to not be noticed consciously but subconsciously, who knows what feeling some may get?

If people like it, and want to buy it, great! That has nothing to do with your husband's response to it.


Crystal Wightman

3 Years Ago

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have photographed many cardinals over the years, but this one is the only one that actually filled the frame, without the need of cropping in closer.
Brain, I know people buying the cardinal has nothing to do with my husband's response. Especially since everything who bought, doesn't know my husband doesn't like it. I just think it's funny in a way. It's just a little inside laugh between him and I. Nothing serious about it. He knows it's a good picture, he just doesn't like a fat cardinal. lol


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