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Kiara Reynolds

3 Years Ago

Help Me To 'help Somebody'!

(ATTENTION PLEASE READ) HELP ME TO "HELP SOMEBODY"! I JUST created a fundraiser to raise money for the local Trasitional Living Center here in Roanoke VA a shelter for the homeless. The governemnt has cut it's funds and they need help/ donations to house families and children.Click the link below and & find it in your heart to Donate! Every penny goes straight to the charity and helps these people in need. We can make a difference!

I have also decided to contribute 40% of my revenues of selling my art to donate to help this cause. So you can donate straight to the link above and/ buy my paintings and photography to help those in need. Starting next week I will actually be volunteering down at the shelter to help out and get involved! So come on, lets work together to help others in need! God bless.

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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Do you have a link to donate to the organization directly?


Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

This is very thoughful of you.

Of course most people prefer to donate to their own special interest causes - or in their own immediate areas.
Please do not feel bad if you do not receive that much interest here. Maybe it would help if you put VA in your thread title.


Kiara Reynolds

3 Years Ago

Rose- i am currently trying to find the other link once i find it ill post it but the link above is connected directly to charity and is wired straight to them. They do have another link but whether you donate to mine or to the other link its both connected to the same charity so its going to the same place


Kiara Reynolds

3 Years Ago

Janine- yes i had hoped id come acRoss a few people who could look past that but Im doing a lot of things locally as well i realize some people aremt so willing to help but Im going to keep pushing. Just a little girl in a big world trying to make a difference in any way. And any little bit helps. Sometimes as an artist ttrying to make it we focus so much on ourselves and our art we forget to give back to others. I locally i would find more support i was just encouraging others to reach out for this cause as well, its worth a try!


Ericamaxine Price

3 Years Ago

I went to look at the site and the first thing that hits me on the top page is the name
"CROWDRISE If you don't give back no one will like you."

I know you didn't write that Kiara, it came from the company, but it is very harsh. Not slightly... very.
Reminds me of those chain letters that would go out that said if you don't pass this around your skin will dry up and your bank account will be 0.
Well something like that.
Maybe you could get them to change it. Turned me right off. Sorry.



Kiara Reynolds

3 Years Ago

Yeah i noticed that too O.o Im no very fond of the message either! I don't know why they put that there is horrible but i am in no associated with that Im just using the site to help the charity raise money. Im apologize if its offensive i believe i could email them and ask it ro be changed but it isnt associated with the charity either i assure you. But hope people can look past that to see what i am trying to do for my community and help these families that are in need.


Kiara Reynolds

3 Years Ago

The direct link is
You will k
Notice the charity over their page is the same one above mine.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

now that you know about the link, i'll remove it so people can donate to your thing.

---Mike Savad


Kiara Reynolds

3 Years Ago

Im sure there are scammers everywhere you go there are scanners here on fine art America! This is real and Im trying to help people who are in need. Mike why everytime you are on my discussion its something negative. If you don't want to donate then don't but please don't discourage others from helping my cause. Thank you. Im not trying to debate the situation Im seriously just a girl trying to help my community.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

i'm not saying anything negative at all. i could stay silent, and then in the end when you cash out, you find out that this place took a quarter of your profits. i'm not happy go lucky sounding like many others. i'm realistic. yes there are scammers everywhere, and this one happens to be associated with one. i'm not discouraging anyone, i'm just giving you a heads up.

---Mike Savad


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