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Michael Braham

1 Year Ago

New Pictures Uploaded

Thanks, for all your help the other day. I respect all your comments.

I went over the ones you all mostly hated, and have uploaded quite a few new ones.

Just putting it out there to see if you think I'm heading in the right direction.



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Tom Druin

1 Year Ago

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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

they aren't as crunchy as the others, but they aren't that great. forget about the hdr tonemapped look. they don't work on jpg. the sky is dark and glowing, the buildings are oddly bright looking. the sky is very noisy, so much so it probably won't print. the titles need work, they don't really pull you into the image. like yesteryear street - that can be anywhere. the effect you put on it, made the whole image flat, it has no depth any more, the colors are dull.

stop with the effect and just post the photos as they came from the camera - except straighten them - that boat scene - all that water should be flooding a city if it was at an angle like that.

---Mike Savad


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