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Cynthia House

2 Years Ago

Not Receiving Weekly Newsletter Or Notification Of Sales

I seemed to have dropped out of the FAA system. For several weeks I have not received the weekly newsletter. It always arrived on Monday but I've had nothing nor have I received notification of a sale. The only way I knew there was a sale was because members left comments congratulating me. Is anyone else having this problem ? what do I do ?

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Kylani Arrington

2 Years Ago

You may have accidentally unclicked that option. Go back in and see if you're still subscribed to those weekly updates. If you are then... I dunno! There seem to be a myriad of problems with this site of late, maybe that's just the newest one.


Cynthia House

2 Years Ago

Thank you for your response Kylani. I checked to see that I have my setting to receive the newsletter and email notifications and both are on so like you I dunno but it's frustrating.


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