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Anita Lewis

3 Years Ago

Q For Mac Users: What's Your Favorite Photo Editing Software For Mac Users?

Hi this question is for painters, photographers, digital artist, etc if they use Mac. What's YOUR Favorite Photo Editing Software for Mac users?

I have a Mac and I'm thinking of purchasing either Adobe Photoshop CC or Lightroom vs Apple's Aperture app. Before I make a commitment I thought I'd ask the experts. I'm looking for a robust program with variety of editing tools (including blur correction), 'effects' and user-friendly interface.

I appreciate your thoughts!

Nita. :-)

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3 Years Ago

I use aperture and within that several other editing software like silver efex, color efex and topaz.For what I did in photoshop, I replaced that with pixelmator ( I think you can compare it with photoshop elements ), which is specifically designed for os x and only costs $15. It can be downloaded in the app store.

I don't know how lightroom and aperture compare to each other since I've never used lightroom.

Here's a comparison, in this it says aperture has the better user interface, which you said being important:


Paul OToole

3 Years Ago

Here is my list:

IPhoto for course seeing its on my Mac already.
Neat Image for noise reduction - Free
GIMP - Free
Pixelmator - Purchased
Colour Splash Studio - Purchased
Vector Designer - Purchased


Frank J Casella

3 Years Ago

I use Apple Aperture all the way.... most of the time ... otherwise the Pentax editing software which is made my Silkypix.


Kay Pickens

3 Years Ago

I use Lightroom for cataloging all my photos and basic edits. I use photoshop for more intensive editing, applying textures, doing HDR, etc. Photoshop is pricey, and has a steep learning curve but it's my recommendation.


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

I'm using Photoshop Elements 9 - about 100 bucks or less. It's missing a few things the pro version has, but it's still a good program. I have Pixelmator and really have not tried it. Lightroom and really have not tried it....and last but not least the only thing I use i-photo for it to see my grandchildren's photo stream. I HATE i-photo - the way it handles (sorts) "files", but that's just me.


Robert Frank Gabriel

3 Years Ago

I use Photoshop Elements 11 (I shoot in RAW mode most of the time and PE11 changes RAW to Tiff and/or JPEG). This is a good basic program. Unless you are a digital artist or have the money to spend on a program that will cost hundreds of dollars, PE11 should be ok.


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

Robert, I read in another thread the version 11 has some "issues", so I have not upgraded. Did you use a lower version before? Do you see a difference?


Ginny Schmidt

3 Years Ago

I never used anything but PhotoShop, starting at work about 20 years ago - Now that I'm retired I can't afford to upgrade so I bought PSE-10, which works pretty much as well as I need it to. However, I will put this thread under my Watched Discussions so that I can keep track of programs that other mac people use because I might want to try something different sometime. I guess all macs come with iPhoto, which i do not "use" per se, it just grabs onto and stores every image I upload. If there is anything I can actually "do" with iPhoto that is helpful or interesting, that I cannot do in PSE, I'd love to know.


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

Ginny, the little bit I've played around with i-photo, there are lots of thing that it does NOT do that Photoshop elements can do...I upload using "image capture" simply because I can't stand i-photo. At least I can see my file dates, files sizes, etc. in a list....



3 Years Ago

Thank you everyone for your input, suggestions! Phillip thank you for the link, that will be helpful for my research. I'll check out the other programs mentioned as well. I will continue to monitor this discussion...lots of good info! I appreciate your participation


Ginny Schmidt

3 Years Ago

So there are a few suggestions here - it would be nice if people would write something specific that they like or don't like about programs they are familiar with.

I like PSE primarily because it works very much like PhotoShop, which I started using on the job many years ago. I am not sure what PhotoShop CC is all about, but I have seen it mentioned a number of times. I am going to look up information on the internet about the other programs mentioned above.

Oh I forgot to mention way back in the early 1990s I used a program called "Digital Darkroom" but that was before there were (or at least before I could afford) a computer, a scanner, and a printer that could handle color. I did freelance desktop publishing at the time, and laid up a whole book with numerous photographs on my old box Mac SE with a black and white scanner and Digital Darkroom. Even though someone else wrote the book, I still consider it my own publishing masterpiece!


Margaret Saheed

3 Years Ago

I use iPhoto for storing my images and send an image to PSE8 for editing then Save it back to iPhoto.

I am a painter and photographer and was initially told (and read) that the much cheaper PSE compared to PS would do most of what I would need. As I have not used any other program I cannot compare them, but I am perfectly happy with PSE/iPhoto for the level of editing I am doing and learning, maybe plus the fact that I only keep a very small number of the images I take so I do not have a 'huge' photo library!


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